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The Drugs don't work!!!!

I know this self portrait might be shocking to some people,
but it is meant as an ANTI DRUG post!!!

DRUGS RUIN more than you think, more than just your own life!!!!!
So please don't touch them!!!!

I Love this song :The Verve : THE DRUGS DON'T WORK
DRUGS Ruin more than you think, more than just your own life!!!!!
So please don't touch them!!!!

Here's a little awareness video worth having a look at: Drug abuse pictures before and after

Oh and just for the record, i do not use the stuff, and never have!! This was set up for the shot, uuh, i meant for the picture ;-)
JaCkYe Very nice work.... our life deserves more ....
JaCkYe · 2009-12-09: 12:08
Nychthemeron that's a great band and song, thanks for reminding it!
(oh, and I never did drugs either and don't intend to)
Nychthemeron · 2009-12-09: 12:10
soubhagya Great 'shot' Peter. Love the dark tone of the picture. And d song is fantastic. It is my all time favourites.
Drugs are BAAAD...
soubhagya · 2009-12-09: 12:12
onlyricky I've visited 2 years ago a place where people that consumed drugs were there to get heal! They talked to us and they told us their stories... It was too sad! because of it, some people lost their families, they had to steal their friends for have money to buydrugs [because drugs are not cheap]... It was too sad! in the end they sang a song to us about '' Do never consume drugs'' and they cried because of their memories....

This is not a shocking post since news and the world shows worst things and people dont give a damn! Sometimes when it is not with us we simply ignore what is so wrong...
onlyricky · 2009-12-09: 13:27
slowpete Great message
slowpete · 2009-12-09: 13:40
????? Sandra sending gun photos and you drugs, whats going on ?!! any way i prefer the Afghan opium :DDD.....but still supporting you in this post and opium must use just for medical or nesesary situation.
????? · 2009-12-09: 14:44
smbunation Excellent, Peter. I needs to be said. Some people will see this and be shocked - just read people - it's great the make the awareness.
smbunation · 2009-12-09: 16:24
????? WOW Peter!!
Really BRAVE shot!
I'm glad you've made this post.
Your message has been recieved loud and clear.
Thanks a lot, Peter.
????? · 2009-12-09: 17:02
lookagain Great shot, Peter....and great message! The consequences of drug use are never good, never positive....thanks for telling it like it is!!
lookagain · 2009-12-09: 17:03
GKorts I agree to all Peter, except the headline, they work for those who use them and that is the dangerous effect
GKorts · 2009-12-09: 17:16
jevsnw Wow, that is a clear power shot! Awesome composition and the song really kicks ass. Great work!
jevsnw · 2009-12-09: 17:20
????? Super message Peter!
The fight against all types of drugs is essential as an ongoing commitment to our world.
????? · 2009-12-09: 17:26
????? Great post!! :)
????? · 2009-12-09: 17:51
finbarr Great message Peter !
finbarr · 2009-12-09: 17:53
lynnsgallery2 EXCELLENT!!! Great awareness...and SUPERB shot!!! I'm glad you don't do drugs...perfect choice for b/w :))
lynnsgallery2 · 2009-12-09: 19:46
Ryana Zeg, jij weet duidelijk ook goed hoe je zo een "shot" moet plaatsen ... ;o) ;o)
Niet zo een loepzuivere foto en mischien een beetje overbelicht ... maar het stoort niet omdat je een preventieve boodschap hebt en niet het beeld maar eerder de boodschap het belangrijkst zijn.

Boodschap begrepen!! ;o) ;o)

Knappe post Peter.
Ryana · 2009-12-10: 01:46
atszabo You must be in a pensive mood these days to post these serious messages, Peter! ( I couldn't agree more, I must add..and I am also one of those who do not know what she is missing, so I am not missing it...)
atszabo · 2009-12-10: 01:52
tehcpeng good message.. and i always love the song by the verve..
great shot by the way.. :-)
tehcpeng · 2009-12-10: 02:12
tomie strong shot and message!
tomie · 2009-12-10: 02:48
jennye Excellent post Peter!!!!
jennye · 2009-12-10: 06:57
pandka Great!
pandka · 2009-12-10: 09:19
SunFlower1990 Great shot!
SunFlower1990 · 2009-12-10: 10:15
????? Good to get that message over to young and old alike , well done.
????? · 2009-12-10: 13:06
dontblink Great message. Very realistic to get your point across.
dontblink · 2009-12-10: 13:49
agnes65 Great post Peter and great message too!!!!
agnes65 · 2009-12-10: 16:39
CaseyLynn Great Post.... Your Message is Conveyed
CaseyLynn · 2009-12-10: 17:05
nssco50 Fantastic post Peter, even the ones from the doc...!!!! Just live with what is dealt to you:-))
nssco50 · 2009-12-10: 22:16
Unchained It's never enough to remember this calamity which hit the people in her best age. There is only one defense: say NO!!
Great post!
Unchained · 2009-12-11: 14:40
mountainflower tell that to the governments who have saturated our towns when they destroy their lands and livelyhoods...
mountainflower · 2009-12-11: 15:45
leowake ça, c'est de la photographie. !!!!
leowake · 2009-12-11: 15:50
????? Powerful shot Peter!!! unfortunately, I know the effects too well....thank you for sharing!!!
????? · 2009-12-11: 23:30
????? i think that drugs are to expensive and our health is destroyed too :-]
????? · 2009-12-12: 04:48
nadoune Great shot!!!
nadoune · 2009-12-12: 05:45
Kamykcz Yes, I agree with you...

drugs can destroy our life...

good post.
Kamykcz · 2009-12-12: 11:14
HelenaGeo very good!!!!
HelenaGeo · 2009-12-13: 09:25
JumiElla Strong post! Thanks for sharing.
JumiElla · 2009-12-13: 10:25
thebronzebow Quite right!
thebronzebow · 2009-12-13: 14:05
hannamagnusson Scary, good message!
hannamagnusson · 2009-12-14: 09:23
DancingDolphin Well done, Peter... I know more than a few ruined lives.
DancingDolphin · 2009-12-15: 08:37
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