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20080314 - Freaky Friday

No, the fire escape on the beach isn't photoshopped!
Strange black seagulls...some might call them crows.
Well I didn't know what to shoot today, so I went down to Saltwater State Park in Des Moines in the rain this afternoon. I was walking around a bit and found the "fire escape" on the beach. I suppose it's more of a beach access for the person who lives at the top of the cliff, but I just thought it was odd and totally out of place for a beach.

Next I found these "black seagulls" hanging out. I just thought it was strange that the crows were all around the beach and not the seagulls. It's time for the week to end!
joycephotography Love #2, great set.
joycephotography · 2008-03-14: 23:19
LostAspen I agree, I'm so glad it is Friday...although that does mean I'm one day closer to monday! I like your "fire escape" although I'm sure it's more often used as "reality escape"...
LostAspen · 2008-03-14: 23:25
mintra Nice.
mintra · 2008-03-15: 01:35
focussed ok so i see a pattern emerging here...every time you "dont know what to shoot" you end up coming up with something really interesting! You must work well under pressure.
While beaches are beautiful during the summer months, I LOVE exploring them on colder wintery days. Thi set really gives off that rainy day vibe. Did you get to see the house atop the cliff?
The birds in #2 look like such scavengers......You can just seem them waiting and searching for their next meal.
Seems to me like you live in a fantastic area surrounded by so much natural beauty.....
Great couple of shots Eric :)
focussed · 2008-03-15: 03:19
majikmonkee Crazy! Maybe the "fire escape" is to get away from unexpected rises in As for the crows, well crows love beaches too. Definitely weird to see them there. It feels equally weird seeing seagulls in St Louis when we visit the waterfronts by the Mississippi.
majikmonkee · 2008-03-15: 12:04
mattandbranson Haha these are fun! I really like #2! I think the crows add a totally different feel than you typical seagull would...
mattandbranson · 2008-03-15: 12:14
vollenda Great "oddities" you spotted there!
vollenda · 2008-03-15: 19:17
noptek #1 is unbelievable. A fire escape in case of sea on fire maybe.
noptek · 2008-03-17: 01:15
bamommy That is pretty interesting. I love #2 and that bird swooping in.
bamommy · 2008-03-17: 20:34
SorinM I consider that even you were during a so-called lack of inspiration, these shots are successful.
SorinM · 2008-03-19: 09:02
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