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20080904 - Falling Can Be Deadly

Nice sign...
Me, Mom and Kevin
My Blair Witch Project in the daytime shot.
Kevin and I on a log. Photo credit to Mom.
Kevin playing monkey from that same log.
I just thought the sign was pretty about stating the obvious!! Luckily, we didn't fall.

Today my mom, brother and I went on a hike at Wallace Falls. It was a beautiful day for a hike and we had a great time together.
noptek Nice place. Great action picture in 5
noptek · 2008-09-05: 00:23
Peche I love this set - it all feels like so much fun! Not to mention the great shots - I love the Blair Witch one :) How'd you get that effect?
Oh, and I am a huge fan of stupid signs :) hehehehehe
Peche · 2008-09-05: 00:24
busybee36 Good job they put a sign there to warn people!
busybee36 · 2008-09-05: 01:03
????? #4 is very nice!
????? · 2008-09-05: 04:17
storytaylor wow, wow
storytaylor · 2008-09-05: 04:46
Iwanowski lush feel of green and sun. I'd like to one day meet a person who designs warning signs. It is a form of art, just take a close look at photograph no 1... Great
Iwanowski · 2008-09-05: 06:04
Andre721 I love that sign... reminds me of the one we stick on our machine showing how fingers can be cut off by water :) Great shots! I too would like to know about the "Blair Witch" effect.
Andre721 · 2008-09-05: 06:58
jennye fantastic set!! love them all!!....added 3 & 4 to my favorites!! :))
jennye · 2008-09-05: 07:49
nunosantiago 3# is the best
nunosantiago · 2008-09-05: 08:01
Judith28 Looks like you had a great time. I like the photo your mom took with you and Kevin on a log.
Judith28 · 2008-09-05: 09:36
dannyD heyy. #3 is really nice. how did you manage to do that? and it is amazing you can keep up to a post per day. nice job man. :)
dannyD · 2008-09-05: 10:47
tbranscum Very beautiful place! It is good that you hang out with your family and have fun!
tbranscum · 2008-09-05: 16:29
TheCrazyCroat You've got such a great looking family Eric. Your Mom is DARLING!

The first pic is a riot, and I love the one your Mom took of you and your brother.

Please tell me how you did #3.
TheCrazyCroat · 2008-09-05: 19:56
bamommy OMG How cool. These photos look fantastic. I really like #3
bamommy · 2008-09-05: 21:06
DancingDolphin :-) Looks like you had a great time. The sign is pretty funny all right! Nice set.
DancingDolphin · 2008-09-05: 21:38
bundlesofjoy This set is really good. The sign is really something you wouldn't expect to see. Got a little giggle out of me on that one. I like the trees, wow. Tell you mother she did good with #4. Okay you have to share you trick for #3 with everyone. Great set.
bundlesofjoy · 2008-09-06: 11:58
ThomasChu 3 and 4 are impressive to me :)
ThomasChu · 2008-09-06: 21:35
vollenda This is a fun set! I like seeing the 3 of you together. :) I really like #3! It worked really well with the light there.

The one your mom took of you two is a very cool perspective! You are men among giants. ;)
vollenda · 2008-09-07: 00:22
bettyluvsduncan Nice set! I like them all. #3 is very cool, with the light streaming in. Your mom did an awesome job on #4. Looks like she might need a photoblog account. ha ha Looks like you had a great family day. Where is Wallace Falls?
bettyluvsduncan · 2008-09-07: 01:41
Anjie Great fun set, looks liek an awesome place to walk...LOL-ing at that sign too. i never come across stuff like that, hehehehe .....or maybe I'm just not looking enough ;-)
Anjie · 2008-09-07: 23:19
meomy The view in #1 is great....but #3 is the best.
meomy · 2008-09-10: 20:53
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