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In our post of August 16th, we were in the tub with Rosanna Arquette and she invited Américo to go to Hollywood...
... so now the rest of The Flipados Team sent a spy to see how he's doing...
... what kind of movies is he making?
O. M. G. ... not this kind?!
These are close-ups of the gear he took for his major hobby... and diplomatic activity: cooking!
As PeteTheWop mentioned in a comment to our previous post (August 24th) the Portuguese Empire was based on gourmet delights... so Américo is just following tradition!
The Los Angeles Fire Dept. was not called by neighbors... because they quickly got used to the smoke.
Not so with a few Indian Tribes... who answered back!
But Américo took the props for other favourite activities... like...
... the pool!! :)
Yes, he is a family man, so he took his ladies to la la land!
... here he is teaching his daughter to walk on water... but she prefers sitting on it!
... in true Hollywood style, he has a jacuzzi inside the pool...
... still, they are bothered all the time by paparazzi :(
... but Mr. A knows how to act incognito...
... by hiding behind this cute waterfall :)
his daughter hides behind her own dress!
... then Mrs. A joins in :)
... because Mr. A checked the proper temperature (32º Celsius)... yes, he took his own pool temperature device (... he wants none of that farenheit thing...)
AH! The good life!
We even have FLOWERS in the Flipados blog!
Does that smile mean that the Flipados will not only show flowers but... maybe... also sunsets?!
Even the spy photographer is shaking in disbelief... :(
YES! She knew it... the final picture is indeed a semi-stormy sunset on the beach!
So now we can say:
Written by The Freakticious Productions! They are our writers... we want you to know this, OK?! We forgot to mention them in some of our latest posts and now they are mad and want higher wages for their silly little texts unless we go back to mentioning their name! :(


If you are new to our blog you should know this: we are 100% into HUMOR :)
Our motto is to make you LAUGH :0 - or, at least, SMILE :)
And it gets even better when we have the help of our fans and friends with THEIR WITTY AND HUMOROUS COMMENTS.
So far, we have 44 stories for you; so don't stay on our latest entry: go back and forth around our blog.
In fact, we are going to let you INTO A LITTLE SECRET: use the TAG (on the bottom of the page) HUMORISKING and this very selective weapon will choose our best stories JUST FOR YOU!!

HAVE FUN... because if you feel good then we feel good too! :)!:)!:)


THE FLIPADOS TEAM, relaxing in the jacuzzi, suggest you go to:





SilkeHoltmann O M G !!!!
Boy`s best friends:
*sitting in mega-TUBS and relax
*taking Playboy-pics for fun in the evening

Americo - you must be the happiest man of the world!!!!
SilkeHoltmann · 2007-09-03: 15:12
rakumori Genial, like ever. Americo, the most happy man in the world: pool, gastronomy, and... flowers!!!
rakumori · 2007-09-03: 16:04
RozariaSBanned Boys and girl!! :)

the holidays treated you good... you are back with great humor but... also with Fantastic and Funtastic photos!!
RozariaSBanned · 2007-09-03: 16:32
minie que máximo! eu quero esta piscina!
minie · 2007-09-03: 16:34
ritocas ah! é a Tia América e o Tio Bárbaro :))
ritocas · 2007-09-03: 16:36
Cabecilha Flipados is ART!

Some of these photos will influence an artist that will be named David Hockney and will paint a series of pools in California... that's right he will go from painting pools to... painting pictures of pools... and he will be somewhat famous!
Cabecilha · 2007-09-03: 16:43
TIM927 I don´t know why i call my holidays holidays after watching that...where is mu swimming pool..where my yacuzzi....where my sunsets????????????????????????????
TIM927 · 2007-09-03: 16:54
americo everybody is invited to join me!

that would make me even happier, trully! :)

I'll send airline tickets and all...
americo · 2007-09-03: 17:32
iagho WOW the Flipado even walks on water! Now just sky is the limit!!! : )
iagho · 2007-09-03: 20:26
elkegrocholl I miss Silkes whale in the pool ???
elkegrocholl · 2007-09-04: 01:40
flipado we wrote this comment in a previous post but we had to share it we you all, so we brought it forwards so that you can all follow Carley's wonderful example :) hehe


Carley :)

Great that you did travel backwards through our blog! We cannot write new stories everyday so we encourage fellow bloggers to check previous posts... maybe there is one or two that you don't know yet... and that makes us happy!

Then there is the delay between photos and texts: after we have the "storyboard" and the final text, we could write the small texts that go under each image on a different file and then copy+paste then quickly to their proper place...

... but we feel that we get more inspired if we are looking at the images and writing the small captions as we follow the sequence of pictures... sometimes we change the text that was previously drafted because of a funny twist on words, double meanings and innuendos...

So, when you see a new FLIPADO post coming out, you gotta check if the texts are there... and if not, come back after 5 or 10 minutes!

We will appreciate that... and now for the second part: the comments section! Yes, that's where we want our stories to continue and that's up to you - our fellow bloggers and YOUR sense of fantasy and humor! :)

All our best posts had that: A WILD PARTY IN THE COMMENTS SECTION! ~

flipado · 2007-09-04: 04:29 · Reply · Delete
flipado · 2007-09-04: 06:14
flipado YES!! K. Q. (keikeeoo, sounds great)

so glad you visited us!
flipado · 2007-09-04: 13:05
jendayee that is sooo funny ! very nice picture and place...
jendayee · 2007-09-04: 13:49
Karibbean thanks for sharing!!
really nice!
Karibbean · 2007-09-04: 14:46
????? He! He! love the aprons.
????? · 2007-09-05: 10:38
maharba Walking on Water..............don't see that every day.
maharba · 2007-09-05: 12:15
????? lol I can tell he love to grill:))
All funny and beautiful to most beautiful pictures in this set:)) Really love the series
????? · 2007-09-05: 13:23
Sevendipity Loved the waterfall picture.
Sevendipity · 2007-09-07: 19:33
littleann #18 #19 are awesooome!!
littleann · 2007-09-10: 13:47
carmitage Splendid show, you even made me dream ... by the pool !
carmitage · 2007-09-11: 15:06
spartacus The actors playing your family are superb! I love #18!
spartacus · 2007-09-18: 13:31
????? wow, if you send a picture of nacked woman to a woman she will not like it, but look here, they are commenting and they are very happy.
strange really strange!!!!!!
sorry for my comment.
????? · 2007-09-21: 18:28
flipado hello dear ????? did you read the story? that's the main purpose... and we don't see any picture of naked women here (... and that makes us very sad)... we see aprons and towels!

Unless you are a dirty pedophile and see something else :(
flipado · 2007-09-23: 15:51
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