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What's the name you sugest for this character that will star on our next story?
This character will be named........................... (your choice)
EXTRA PHOTO becauseTTThanh couldn't give him a name unless she could see his eyes! There you go TTThanh... what about now?! :)

The working title of our next story is... WHAT'S THE BEST PART OF GROWING A BEARD?!

Mr. C will be creating some bearded characters for the story... but we don't know what names to give them!?

So, that's where you can help us...

What's the name of the character above?

Everyday of the working week we will show you a new character for you to invent a name... and in the end we will tell the whole story using the best name for each character!

The blogger that creates the best name for each daily character will be mentioned as CO-AUTHOR OF OUR NEXT STORY!



anshuad Dadi Baba is my contribution :-P
anshuad · 2007-09-10: 09:20
FromMyInside Alonzo Mastina
FromMyInside · 2007-09-10: 10:33
abbeyh13 Devo!
abbeyh13 · 2007-09-10: 10:42
Admit1 This character will be named Roger.

The best part of growing a beard is that you don’t have to shave everyday, just look at
Admit1 · 2007-09-10: 11:19
SilkeHoltmann LOL - you aren`t Mr "Man in Black" !!
...even if you want it!!

Maybe you could be :


SilkeHoltmann · 2007-09-10: 11:23
Soyam Mr Bushy... Theodor Bushy!
Soyam · 2007-09-10: 11:24
oerrax Dumppy!!!
oerrax · 2007-09-10: 11:29
sandmoon Big Boy Jack
sandmoon · 2007-09-10: 11:43
????? Guiedo.....
????? · 2007-09-10: 11:45
TTThanh ohhhhhhh cant invent a name that person because i cant see his eyes.........
let take out his glassed..i will do what you asked me... :-)
TTThanh · 2007-09-10: 11:52
????? Sandro
????? · 2007-09-10: 11:52
personification he seems like Antonio Rubio to me..
personification · 2007-09-10: 11:55
MyWindow what about RAY!! RAY BAN!!!
MyWindow · 2007-09-10: 12:04
flipado TTThanh
of course, my dear... tomorrow Mr. Cabecilha will show up with no shades on... so you will see his eyes tomorrow :)
flipado · 2007-09-10: 12:08
iagho "My name is Bond, Fat Bond"
Name which leaves space for a female character, a Fat Bond Girl.
iagho · 2007-09-10: 12:13
flipado petethewop

great idea: we need a busty supersexy nurse as our partner... so now,

all the ladies blogs, let's have cleavage :) and more hehehehe
flipado · 2007-09-10: 12:14
flipado iagho :(

now Mr. C is very sad... because of the wieght thing... he says it's the fault of so many bloggers posting photos of food :((
flipado · 2007-09-10: 12:18
MidsummerSilence Vance Morton. definitely.... Well... Vance for sure... not sure of the last name... hmm.
MidsummerSilence · 2007-09-10: 12:20
flipado Mid S.S.

wow so glad you came and give us a hand :)
flipado · 2007-09-10: 12:24
Karibbean No idea!
Karibbean · 2007-09-10: 12:26
MidsummerSilence my pleasure....

now to catch up with everyone else too! I have missed so many wonderful things! :'(
MidsummerSilence · 2007-09-10: 12:32
Jacquie OK, I think you should call him Jorge!
Jacquie · 2007-09-10: 12:34
Lilmerry Anton
Lilmerry · 2007-09-10: 12:40
eljapa Softy...
eljapa · 2007-09-10: 12:49
jendayee What about Phil del Prado ?

and a fresh one....this one : Alfred O'Bugs (because afraid of bugs.....) !!!
jendayee · 2007-09-10: 13:01
????? Don Vito:p
????? · 2007-09-10: 13:32
littleann Frank the Cruel ;-))
littleann · 2007-09-10: 13:45
Freyja Mr Bobbeard :)
Freyja · 2007-09-10: 14:12
lagerkvista I think Jan Kowalski would be nice :)
lagerkvista · 2007-09-10: 14:30
????? silvio ebbasta
????? · 2007-09-10: 15:02
rakumori Pericon Glasses, Fiore Tarantino or "I have two notices for you, what you prefere first: the second or the third?", also called in family "postman of post-it posts", also called in the street Mr Dark-Bang, also called "Called No-name"
rakumori · 2007-09-10: 16:03
????? Laszlo Kovacs
????? · 2007-09-10: 17:40
elkegrocholl Now I know it : Ola Cadicky !!! ;-)))

Ola Cadicky is a dark and mysterious man, an old hand, a well-educated man, a rich fellow, a black-bearded man, an athletic man,
a man of fortune, a man of genius, a man in the prime of life.......!
That`s " Ola Cadicky " !!!!!! ???

elkegrocholl · 2007-09-10: 17:41
Sevendipity Mario
Sevendipity · 2007-09-10: 19:32
LisetteT Carlos
LisetteT · 2007-09-10: 19:38
a2kblog the right name is Mr French Cut
a2kblog · 2007-09-10: 22:41
avtomat His name will be Bailey.
avtomat · 2007-09-11: 05:25
flipado SEVENDIPITY WROTE THIS AS A MESSAGE TO US... so we had to share it with you all :)


September 10th 6:27pm
Here is a strange tale of a cat that slept in a sunny spot in a warm glasshouse in a large garden. It was a beautiful cat and people used to come and stare at it over the fence. Then one day someone said that it must be talking to an invisible cat as it used to miaaouw away as if another cat was lying next to it. The story spread about and more people came to see the invisible cat. The day came however, when the cat was not in its usual place. Everyone wondered where it and the invisible cat were. A small child said "It’s obvious, it’s also become invisible - they are just lying there together". The word spread quickly and thousands of people arrived each week to stare at the invisible cats and do so to this day.


thanx 7

- that's more help than we bargained for since we just wanted the names for the silly photos we will be showing each day!!!!

but we were privileged and we thank you!

flipado · 2007-09-11: 05:55
flipado koentor sent this as a message instead of as a comment here


September 10th 2:23pm Boris Slavonska

flipado Reply:

flipado · 2007-09-11: 05:59
Mabi938 Soft !
Mabi938 · 2007-09-11: 07:01
Fouraces This character will be named "Moe Borano"!
Fouraces · 2007-09-11: 07:27
flipado TTThanh!!!

we published a 3rd photo just for you... now you have Mr. C with no glasses/shades on... you can see his eyes!

So glad he is less complicated than portuguese singer Pedro Abrunhosa who keeps his shades all the time and no one has ever seen his eyes :(
flipado · 2007-09-11: 07:32
Sevendipity The cat's name was Mario. There are actually four photos here in this posting. The fourth is of an invisible man. I fully expect this story to disappear (See cat story above) as the 'Cool cat' above disappears and then everyone will visit this page in perpetuity just to see the two invisible cool cats. This is the ultimate non-story.
Sevendipity · 2007-09-11: 07:45
TTThanh wowowowo now thank you for you help me to see his eyes.... now... i can know what is his name......
but he has many name........... which name you want to know
TTThanh · 2007-09-11: 07:50
flipado TTThanh :((

all our friends and fellow bloggers are waiting FOR YOU!!!

flipado · 2007-09-11: 08:10
RozariaSBanned I was going to say KOOLIO but then i noticed he has an "E" in the center of his black turtleneck so... it will be EMILIO :)
RozariaSBanned · 2007-09-11: 08:28
TTThanh iam sorry for made you and many your friends to wait me
but when i want to say about somebody i alway think before say....
ok why i want to see his eyes????because eyes is windows of sould sometime you can see inside heart of somebody through his eyes.................
Yes............ with familly his Mr Thoughtful

...................with work......His name is MR Steel.
are you pleased my answer, i hope you say "yes"...:-)
TTThanh · 2007-09-11: 09:28
Fouraces what about "Ace Abbot"?
Fouraces · 2007-09-11: 10:25
flipado TTThanh YES YES YES :)))
flipado · 2007-09-11: 10:38
Bittersweet Mr Sandman (-;
Bittersweet · 2007-09-11: 13:17
maharba Cooper
maharba · 2007-09-11: 14:04
carmitage Chiciolina, beautiful blond air and blue eyes !
carmitage · 2007-09-11: 15:03
TIM927 Arturo definitely :)
TIM927 · 2007-09-12: 17:24
josanhjx cool!
josanhjx · 2007-09-15: 04:18
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