This is a subject full of taboos, and even nowadays people don't see nude artistic as an artistic thing.
I'd like to know what you guys think about it.
Also If you know somethings about it, could you teach it? Like how should we do with the light, should it be darker?
Should Nude photos be in BW or in color?
If there is anyone who does it, please share some tips. Thanks.
Well Ricky, have a look at that link. There is no rule, like in every other kind of photography. All is possible tabu is only in the brain of the observer.
Nude directory
Human portraits are probably the hardest to achieve. Probably the hardest type of human portrait is the nude. Allow space for the imagination and apply the principle that less is more.

A nude is a study of texture, not taboo. In texture, the first and foremost rule is that of learning how to shape light with and on your subject. The intimacy created between the subject and the viewer should not be based on repression but on discovery. Perhaps nudes should be left to old people. Mapplethorpe's later nudes are far more appealling and attractive than his earlier ones and I, for one, have never liked Newton.

Don't think naked: think lighting and elbows; lighting and knees; lighting and necks. In nudes, photography is closer to fine arts, so take a look at Ingres for the classicism, at Manet for the humour, at Matisse for the wildness and at Rembrandt, always at Rembrandt, as the master of lighting and technique. Oh, and Reubens if your model is a bit chubby ;-)

The important thing to remember is that nudes don't have to attract - they do that by being nude, as we're all intrigued. Good nudes are those that provide interest and thought.
haha, Ricky, Indeed there is a lot of taboos about artistic nude. And this in an era were there is more porn than artistic work. But this is the hard part, were do you draw the line between the two? What can be artistic nude to one, may already be porn to another. Nude art has been around as from the first drawings and paintings ever made by man. The Vatican has the worlds biggest collection of nude works, The worlds best known painters and sculptures (of all era's) all have at least one nude work. Nude study is mandatory work for anybody that follows art school, so i just don't understand people who are shocked when they see an artistic nude work, be it painting, sculpture, or photographs.
Well, as you know i dare to give it a try once in a while, and yes, i notice the difference in comments here on PB, where in my opinion, this is a photosite were everybody can be as creative as they want and share there work, be it flowers, bugs, ...... or nude art, without having to be afraid of being expelled or ignored just because one is trying to be artistic.
You could make an exact copy of a nude painting, and let people see the painting, and they will love it, show them the same as a picture and ....OMG this is nude....porn!!!

Pffff tips and what to do is hard to explain for me. As said, what you might see as artistic, someone else might see as porn. Colour or B/W, that's also a matter of personal taste, and what you have in mind i think. I love them in monochrome, but have seen some superb works in colour also. Lighting also depends on how much and how you want to show your model. A lot of mono works are a play with light, so i don't think there is a set rule of how light or dark a shot should be. I'm sure there are special classes were you can learn all about this type of photography.

What could help you on your way though, is go and look at as many works as possible, see what type of work you prefer and feel comfortable with (there are more than enough sites on the web, even here on PB, were you can see, and get ideas from). Just google for "artistic nude photography", and i'm sure you'll be busy for a while And then off course there is trial and error. keep practising, if you don't like the result, keep the shot and try and see what's wrong with it, retry till you get it the way you want it to be.
What ever you do, have fun doing it !!
I forgot to mention: don't post them here. The religious decency / thought police here will tell you what a degenerate you are before you're slapped with the PB equivalent of an ASBO: restricted to friends only. Post them on RedBubble (try a group called 'bodyscapes' or search there for nude groups).

I think the litmus test here is the slightest hint of pubic hair and you're friends-only. In this, the standard is reminiscent of pre-war 'morals' statutes in the US, where photographers had to scrutinize their prints for said hair or risk prosecution if they mailed their prints to customers. Oh, and I forgot: nothing that dangles either.

The censorship here makes sense for a broad-based site with a strong family focus. My only problem is when narrow-minded PB members with a strong religious bent start telling other members what they can and cannot post. Avoid the issue by posting in a serious site (and put a link here).
@ Vincent63 : vas-y. Essaie. Je t’aurai au moins prévenu. On a consigné 2 de mes amies à leurs quartiers (et moi avec – si tu avais fait l’effort, certes important, de lire le blog que tu avais traité de « nul », tu aurais compris) parce qu’elles ont montré une fesse / un sein / quelques poils en trop. Ce n’est pas de la prophétie, mais un souvenir très clair. Dans une communauté dont l’adhésion est volontaire, nous sommes obligés de conformer aux normes de pudeur et d’intolérance religieuse qui animent ce site très américain à l’origine et qui sert principalement de vitrine pour les photos de famille. C’est une leçon que j’ai durement apprise, même si je m’y oppose. Heureusement, il y a d’autres sites où la qualité et le sérieux photographiques sont de taille. J’en ai cité un plus haut.

Par contre, je suis tout à fait d’accord avec toi sur Weston. Le célèbre nu de 1936 en est un exemple parfait, et le sujet (sa femme) raconte précisément la même histoire du maître qui contrôlait soigneusement la présence de poils…

I'm happy for these replies!

@Gkorts: Thanks for the site ! I'll have a look for sure!

@Revenant: As for the hardest to archive I needed some tips and help! I won't be using my phone, but a DSRL when I am doing this, so the quality and other stuff won't be the problem. As for the hardest I agree, I must focus on the perfection and the sharpness of the body and not on other things.
I think I'm not ready to modeling nude, but I've with who can do it. So I'm pondering doing it soon. As for it, I'd like to ask if the background of the picture matters on this kind of picture? I mean, should the background be simple and modest?
I think posting them here is like put fire on a forest, and I really appreciate the courage people get.
But you're right, some people see a chest hair coming out from the shirt, it is porn already. lol
I've already created a redbubble account. probably I'll be posting them over there, when I make them. and share the link over here for the interested.

I'm also thinking in doing it in BW, it can hide some ''imperfections'' that we might see on the body while in color we can see it. Also in BW, we focus only on the artistic side and not in the sexual side.
I'll be checking about this when the time comes, as for now, I just want to get the most information I can hehe!;)
ah! there are courses like that but they are far from the little village in the middle of no where that i'm in (lol just kidding, i don't live in the middle of nowhere), so all I can do is do it in my own!;)

@vincent63: Sorry for not reply you in french! I'm better on understanding than writing, but your links about nude are totally good!
I like the last one especially

thank you all
Must so agree with you Stéfan about certain people here.
I just don't understand that a country like the US of A calls itself modern if they are so bad at accepting and even more so, understanding artistic nudity as an art form ..... instead of just porn. Maybe it's because they don't really have a real History of real art of their own. I mean, if you compare architecture, and art of the euro history to that of the states, they have nothing really. (sorry to all american memebers, this isn't meant as a negative thing..... .i'm just being realistic, as our history goes back soooooo many more years further back.
I already noticed that Euro members don't seem to have prob's with it........not even the religious ones........... not even my mum..... and she's half a nun if i may be so blunt. So do we really have to give in for the ones who do mind.... i don't think so. I would rather see them waking up, and starting to accept that nudity can be very artistic.
anyway, i also have a RB account, but i do dare to post these shots here also, i've always been a little rebel, and i won't stop now ;-) and if they block me, so be it.
With respect to my American friends and their sensibilities, I wasn't claiming that being American automatically means you're a prude. What I was saying is that double standards apply to nudity in the US more, perhaps, than in the European countries I know. Unlike Sweden or Germany, movies are rated in the US primarily according to sexual content, not violence, but the US boasts the world's biggest porn industry. On a more concrete level, I have seen some doubtful images go unnoticed here, but all it takes is for one outraged, religious bigot to complain about the odd nipple or bum and friends of mine get restricted to friends only. I left the community because I was restricted to friends only for showing a pre-impressionist oil painting (OK, of a vagina) in protest at all the adverts PB showed of dating agencies which said (in Greek, since that's where I was) "meet hot chicks tonight!". In PB's defence, I know the administrators had no control over the ad content in the days before pro accounts.

Provocation may be Vincent63's forte and complaining mine, but instead, I'll make a request for something that I'm pretty sure we'll never see here: clear guidelines about what is or is not acceptable.

We'll never see it because the administrators scrupulously avoid anything as divisive as such a measure in this community (and I think they're right to do so); because it will merely serve as an arena for libertarian degenerates like me to bitch at people with strong religious values and finally because such a measure would have to be enforced, which is all but impossible.

Oof! If you've read this far and are American with strong religious values that get outraged at wobbly bits of flesh, you'll know that I think you are merely the exception that proves the rule - and that I probably like you nonetheless...