(The following is part of an off-topic that I felt appropriate to post here)

(...) and I ended up with the personal conviction that could be helpful to have a voting system:

E.g.: ‘5 stars’ next to the photo, appearing with the enlarge image 'set' ('1' will be given if you think the photo is a very good one > up to > '5' for a once in a lifetime photo). An anonymous, fast, easy and automatic system that should average the votes irrespectively of how many people have given one.

Some of the many advantages the system could bring:

1) Less “comment whoring”, as so called by MademoiselleE ; ) , because instead of comment 'nice', viewers could give 1 star, or maybe 3 star for a great photo and so on. Who would have given a particular comment could, and will, give it anyway.
2) Let people to see (and give an opinion) to more photos, because less time spent in giving 'one word' comments
3) Boost to do better, having your score moving up but also down, according to the averaging system and in opposition to the current cumulative system (which moves just in one direction)
4) A better feedback system, when compared to the number of views and the number of comments systems (while content of comments would still be the most important). Since those 2 datas may be strongly influenced by the pothographer's 'popularity' in the blog.
5) In consequence of the last point: an extremely democratic ranking system. Both in absolute terms (between different photographers) and in relative terms (between the photos of the single photographer > old photos will not be disadvantaged). Probablly all the top photos will all be 5 stars but the system will know the decimals of the average, giving the precise ranking (making the stars the input and the ranking the feedback).
6) Last, and in my opinion MOST IMPORTANT POINT, it would be a ranking system with no time decay. With the consequence that should guarantee very good shots not to inesorabily disappear, soon or later, in the past of the blog, but to always remain somehow exposed to viewers. Or, at least you'll know, when posting a set, that there is a chance for it if is good enough never to 'expire' ..another strong boost to do better! (in my opinion)

Sorry for my bad English, hope I've made myself understood! Those are just some very personal opinions and suggestions. I know it would be a great change, maybe a thecnical headhake and probably the Photoblog Team has already evalued this possibility and ther's a reason why is not in use BUT ..just felt like giving an opinion.. guess it's always positive to discuss about things. : )

The blog is really GREAT as it is, you guys of the Team have done an incredible work!!! : )

i think this is a fine idea....
well, i liked the first idea of voting system..............
its quite different from the usual ones
there's nothing wrong with having more tools... the question is always how you use them

we have always been against the routine comments... sometimes a blogger uses the same sentence in dozens of places... so it's counterproductive... and a bit disrespectful

the points or stars can be as byased as any other system... because some people are more popular and spend more time visiting and commenting on fellow bloggers and so they will have more votes

there can be a genius photographer "hiding" somewhere in this site... but if he doesn't make himself known no one will go there...
Mine it's just a tip, a first idea that maybe can be developed and see if takes something good.

You may be right flipado, but still I think that the sys would make the situation much better under that aspect, and, even if not for that reason, would save the good shots from disappearing (that alone would already justify the change).

Think at it in that way: at present good pictures, they came and go... and never came back (let's face it). With a 'voting sys' that includes, say, the top 100, at least 100 photos (I say photo but mean set! sorry), will be always there (no matter how old they are).

...and (here's the rest)...

If when posting a set there would be the chance to choose a category (BW, macro, nature, portraits...) and say we have 10 of those categories. We may have not only a global ranking, but another one for each of those categories, showing its top 100. We would at that point have about a 1000 best picture (no matter how old), always available to be viewed from everybody! An automatic system that would be continuosly updated, creating stunning 100 set blocks to share on the web : )

I'd see it as a wonderful achievement from the actual situation.

Can't see many cons... but what a pros list!!! : )

Who's not interested in the categories and ranking sys will leave that space in blank, nothing changes for that photographer.
As well as who's not interested in the voting sys, just has not to vote and, finally, who likes the comments will continues giving the same number of comments : )

Nobody looses. Many will enjoy a 1000 stunnig shots! (no matters how old)
Lets do it! Anna
The idea is not bad at all,,,I am not sure how it could be done but well,, photoblog owners will surely do it easily. Anyway i have my doubts about that of the five stars photos,,in five months there would be such a big amount of them that I can´t magine how we would manage to see them. Talking about the actual comments i woudln´t like them to disappear I enjoy reading them (call me silly but I always smile while reading them no matter what they say. I enjoy reading mines as well as the others). Anyway I´m slow and I'm writting without having thought much about the idea, Iagho seems to have his ideas clear. It coudl work good,,,,,,,,,,but on the other side I think this could create a kind of competition to see who gets more stars,,, people who didn't get any could get bored and leave photoblog,,I dont´knwo I am just talkign my head out. First we shoudl think why are we using photoblog. In my particular case I love sharing my images, I jsut love commenting adn watching other´s works, photoblog makes my creativity grown!!
Anyway whatever decission u take I will be here , love your photos gang;))
I'm not saying to eliminate the comments, but just to add one more feature to the blog. There would still be the comments! : ) If photos are the soul of the blog, comments are the rational brain!

About the competition, it's not the main point in my opinon. The point is to save pictures from disappearing.
Regarding the number of stars, we could use a number say 0>100, to have more chances for spreads. But anyway, stars or number, that's just the input, the output would be the ranking itself. That's because clearely the top 100 photos would all have received the best scores, but 99 '5 stars' votes and than even just 1 '4 stars', would rank you lower than who has recived 100 '5 stars' (even if they seem exactly the same they wont be for the calculating system). It could be used, in addition, a 'last posted higher rank' in the cases of parity, I know it would disadvantages again the old photos, but still less than the current system...

Anyway, as said, that's just a rough idea, therefore it's full of holes, but maybe working on it a little bit and posting suggestions on how to solve those problems of the proposal could be a second step forward in the long way from a rough idea to a real project we could present to the Team...... : )
I love this photoblog of which is so unique. I post pictures here not for any competition but just for fun and interest. There are many professionals here sharing their pictures everyday and I learn the techniques and ideas from them. It is also a great platform for me to know people here; hearing their story, sharing etc. In fact, I knew some real friends thru. this Blog... That's all of my comments and don't know would it helps.

i would in favor of a star system that related only to the person's blog, like you could vote which pic you liked the best in relation to all the others on their blog....this would be interesting and helpful to get feedback of this sort, and wouldn't pit anyone's work against anyone else's.....but you could look on someone's blog and see all the pix that were rated high.....ie their most popular photos.....im not sure if this is what is being proposed or not.....sorry to be confusing.....i'm kind of sleepy right now.....
if we get a voting system, i also would like have a government system on photoblog. we should be able to elect those photobloggers with the most votes to be president of the black & white universe, secretary of the state of landscape pictures, minister of photoshop coloring, deputy agent for copyright infringed shots and representative for lomographic camera rights.

honestly, i couldn't care less about voting. instead of collecting stars, you should go out and gaze at them.
Love your reply, original ...funny! : )

Stars set upcoming
; )

I think eidea has hit the nail on the head. How far do you go with this voting thing?

Not sure if anyone else is noticing that Photoblog has started to slow down of late. I can't help thinging if it's all the guff that people are asking the Michaels to load up Photoblog with. I have read (in these forums) that a lot of people (myself included) were initially attracted to Photoblog for the clean and uncluttered interface, the ease-of-use and the friendly atmosphere. I don't think a voting system will add any value to this. If you like someone's pics, Favourite them. I'm for keeping Photoblog about photos first.
OH come on! Why have photos contests and possibility of votes!! This is not for judging, it is for expressing, isn't it?
it is going to bring ego problems , jealousy, negativity from people who have ONLY voted 1 star on our favourite photo...
I think commenting on the Lighting and Composition is good enough!
I am against voting for photos! But then you photo geeks may actually enjoy that...
(I am against because it hurts to have comments like that on something we love...I know, there is always room for improvement, and without other people's feedback we would stay in a rut.
But why putting a dictatorial way for people to be critical? For ex boyfriends to go on there and put 0 star to everything we have posted? And if we posted it and we know it's shit (as for example, many of my pictures, because they are just snaps) then I dont really need other people telling me it's shite! Because I already know it, thank you!!!!)

Ps I really like Eidea's comment ;-)
I honestly don't care if we have a voting system... I am here to express myself and share that expression with the world. My Photoblog is a chronicle of my life. I love my life, and whether I have someone give me one star or five, it doesn't change my existence or my perspective on it (be that philosophically or photographically).
Tks Madoc, you fully got my point.
A couple of days ago, right after reading the question and being relatively new on this site, I posted an aswer that said something like : I'm totally FOR that kind of voting system 'cause that would be a great way to avoid posts' disappearance after a short month.

But now that I've read all other members' comments on this matter and understanding a little more what this community really is all about, I'm having little doubts.

I'm a little scared it would partially ruin the 'no pressure' feeling that partly makes this community so unique.

But I got here mainly to benefit from other amateur and professional photographers' opinions and share mine. And a rating system would improve that too. I would definitely prefer a 2 or 3 stars instead of a ' nice set. congrats.'.

And also, another simple ( I think...) way to avoid older posts to fade into far away data would be to add an 'all time' top ...let's say... 200 most viewed posts.

I'm confident that this wonderful community will benefit from any change that may come.
I didn't entirely understand all the reasons you gave for wanting a voting system. But I like the idea that we can encourage people to post quality work, and celebrate the ones that do.

A better way to do that might be to put a greater emphasis on "favorites" ... Instead of browsing "popular" entries with the most views, perhaps photoblog should showcase the photos with the most favorites.

I'd rather favorite a photo than give it a certain amount of stars.

I agree with the 'most favourited' suggestion. Very interresting.
I'm totally against a voting system! Already there are too many people here who diss other people's work and try to push themselves to the top of the popularity list. It's quite pathetic. If you have a voting system, you will just have people voting for themselves all the time.
some fun comments. Eidea rocks. I don't think voting adds value. If people want to join theme contests, that's fine. But I don't want the option of voting on my pictures.

Just to throw in my two cents, I prefer the way Photoblog runs now without any voting.
I used to use a travelblog website and the bigger it got, the more put off I was by it. They used a favourites system and had a most-viewed blog system on their front page and I felt that the whole site then became geared towards who had the most friends or connections and could get their blog mentioned the most. I stopped using it for that and other reasons.

I really like the look of photoblog and the uncompetitive nature of this site. Sure there are some photos with lots of comments and other great pictures with none, but at the moment it doesn't have a cliquey, competitive feeling to it the way some sites have become.
Perhaps photos could be "voted" on in the comments section, but I wouldn't like to see any kind of ranking table.
Just look at the popularity list now and guess what would be in the top 10 spots on a voting system.
yep I agree with the last opinions: a voting system would not be very friendly, but an emphasis on the 'favourited' is needed, so the one who try to improve their art would be encouraged and the one who don't care would not be hurt. Here's my vote