I had just received this comment from my blog:

It’s not agreeable for me that my photo is not in popular list of photoblog!

Why my photo is not in the popular list, who is judging for our new posts?
Who is going to judge for our work? Why we believe on photoblog?
It’s more time I am checking the list of popular post, there is a lot of photos that we can not say its popular photo, for those photos we can not say its good photos, but unfortunately that is in popular list.
One thing is ,those who are judging for our photos they are not photographer , they are deceiving as , they are not thinking that photos can change the world , they are not able to recognize, which photo should be chosen for front page or for popular posts.
What do you think?
If yes what we can do?

Asianeye · 2008-10-29: 00:37 · Reply · Delete

And this was my reply:

Dude, personally, I don't even care whether my works are popular or not. Photoblog is a personal haven for me to display my passion for photography and hopefully get some constructive comments or criticisms to improve myself in the art.
The guy who does the selecting of FP photos has his own point of view and I he IS a photographer.
Remember that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. What's beautiful to you, may not be to others.
Let's just enjoy our stay here. Do not make it a competition stage. Photoblog is just another BLOG space like Friendster, Multiply, etc.
Maybe you should try entering a photography competition, so as you can know that whether your works are up to standard or not.
Just my opinion, dude. I hope you are not offended by my words.

Anyone else received this comment? I would like to know your reply.
I received the same comment.
I can't even say that I know what he's talking about.
I wasn't aware of "most popular" here on PB.
Hope he finds what he's looking for by taking some of Azrin's suggestions (photography competition?)
I believe he's just searching for some recognition.
Yes, I got it too, recognition is probably what it is. A bad English doesn't help really ... I just replied what I thought he was asking.
got it too. i guess the guy is working through his friends list or something, maybe sends this to everyone who ever sent him a comment. is playing the exotic card, too. actually, i deleted him from my friend's list due to this. spammers, no matter what trick they use, should not be tolerated.