This forum thread is for learning more about, and discussing, the new Fotomoto feature for Pro accounts.

Setting Up Fotomoto on Your Photoblog

1. Sign up for a free account on Fotomoto here: http://www.fotomoto.com/

When asked for the URL of your website, enter your Photoblog url in the following form:


2. Once you're logged in, click Site in the menu, then click Settings in the submenu that appears. Copy your Site Key from the Site Settings box of this page.

3. On your Photoblog account page, click Print Selling.


Enter the Site Key you obtained from Step 2 in the form on this page and save it.

That's it! You're done. Fotomoto should appear below the photos on your Photoblog. You can customize which links appear, and all sorts of different customizations through your account management pages on Fotomoto. You can also set your own prices, and choose which photos are not for sale.

Feel free to discuss this development in this thread, or report any bugs that you find.

Love the Fotomoto idea...it's free, do they charge a commission when one is sold?

I'm having extreme trouble downloading photos, it will start, then quit half way through..help!
It seems to be american based and want to send 'checks'. Cheques are no good to me! Why are they not up to internet speed and use paypal for goodness sakes!

And why do we have to go through the wizard and set it all up PRIOR to be able to know how much they will take in commission from each shot.

Not sure I like fotomoto so far...
Hi Dreadwear,

We can actually process PayPal payments manually right now at the request of the photographer (we would like to figure out a way to automate this in the future, of course).


"Do they charge a commission when one is sold?"

Yes, a charge does occur only if make a sale. Pricing info here:


Note: We're working on an overhaul of the site content to make it much easier to navigate and/or find information in the future.


Hi Fotomoto!

I think this is a great idea and good opportunity!
I live in Sweden and wonder how payments and shippings will be done to Sweden. Here it is impossible to receive checks from any other country than Sweden, the banks would simply refuse to accept them. Paypal would be a good alternative!
What will shipping to Sweden and other european countries be? Who pays the shipping? Me, you or the buyer?

For the moment I only activated the e-cards option because I think I need to have answers to these questions before activating any selling function.

Regards, Hanna Magnusson
Michael - thanks for this new feature!

In the Fotomoto setup wizard, we are asked "We are now ready to add Fotomoto to your site. What publishing tool is your website or photoblog built with?" The options are Moveable type, Pixelpost, Wordpress, Gallery2, Other - please specify, and I have a custom made website. Which option are we supposed to choose?

We are also asked if we are using a special script or template ... ?


Is it possible to make the "buy print", "buy card" text smaller or less conspicuous? On some browsers it shows up on one line. On other browsers it’s big, loud, and full of carriage returns. I’m seeking the less assertive look.

@gderuiter: You don't need to copy and paste the script. Just add your photomoto site key to your photoblog account page under "Print Selling" and the code will automatically be added to your page.

@snapshotjoe: Under other just type Photoblog. Shouldn't be a problem.

@whydrive: Check out the customization options in your Fotomoto account page.
If you're referring to the “Toolbar” settings, I tried that. Even if I eliminate the “separator text,” it still inserts a carriage return between each button.

It’s odd, I tweaked it all last night from home, and thought it looked fine from Safari. Today I check from Explorer, and it’s not as nice as I thought.

Oh well, maybe I’ll just live with it, or use the feature less often.

Hi @hannamagnusson,

We can manually process payments to your PayPal account for now. Approximate costs for shipping:

Note: We hope to establish a regional partner at some point & this would help with shipping rates to some degree (everything comes from the USA right now).

This will give you an idea about the cost of larger prints:

* Up to 8"x10": around $2 in the US and $4 to Europe.
* Up to 11"x14": around $3.50 in the US and $9 to Europe.
* Up to 16"x20": around $8 in the US and $17 to Europe.
* Up to 20"x24": around $9 in the US and $25 to Europe.
* Up to 20"x30": around $10 in the US and $35 to Europe.
* Up to 30"x40": around $18 in the US and $50 to Europe.

I must say, I'm pretty excited about fotomoto - I've tried several different sites for selling prints on-demand, and this seems to be the solution I've been looking for ... except that each month, when they go to cut checks to send us our earnings, they only cut checks for sellers who earned more than $200 that month. I understand that there's sensible business reasons for this policy, but this is a significant downside. This is much higher than other minimums on other similar sites. Is there any possibility of lowering this monthly minimum?
Yeah, actually, here is how it works:

If your balance exceeds $200, they will send you the check. If its below, you can still request the check. Here's what they say:

"We automatically send out checks once a month for any balance of $200 or more. If your balance is below $200 and you would like a check to be mailed to you, send us an email and we will process a separate check for you.

We are also looking into wiring to your PayPal or checking account to see what works best for our photographers given the online fees and currency conversion rates."
HI Michael and Fotomoto,

I live in Philippines, and Paypal is not an option to receive payment through it, since Phil is still limited to paying, not receiving.

If I understand this correctly; Fotomoto will send cheque payments via mail? Also, to which bank can you cash out the cheque? I just wanna know if that cheque can be cashed out here in the Philippines.

Because of this, I'm considering having a pro account. Thanks Michael and Fotomoto!
Great feature, thanks.

@invu69 - how are they supposed to know if you can cash the check in Philippines? You should go ask your bank there!
If only you would accept credit cards instead of PayPal I would upgrade... but stupid PayPal is so crappy they will not let me enter my credit card info... You should consider another payment method. PayPayl bites...
HI Guys

I see that this has been running for a while now, I was wondering if anyone has actually made any money of it?

I think that it could be a good reason for upgrading to a pro account (I can post stuff that family in the states would love copies of) but I am not sure where the customers will come from?
I was wondering the exact thing (has anyone made any money on this?). I've been watching the text on peoples blogs for quite awhile now and just today decided to look up and see if there was a forum discussion about it. Seems things have been really quite...
I've sold a couple of small prints using Fotomoto. However, I haven't actually received any of the money from them. It isn't much, but come to think of it, I should follow up with them.

I love the Fotomoto idea, and I like their simple offerings and ordering process (simple). Now that they offer digital downloads of files vs just prints, I expect more sales will follow for all PB members.

II tried several times to add my site key (fotomoto) on
my photoblog without success.

On page Print Selling I do not see the place to put the key.

Could indicate to you where we have to add exactly the key (key)((touch)) of site.

Thank you in advance.