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kunjan detroja
Joined May 3rd, 2010

HI I like doing photography and I always try my hands on cam, whenever I get a chance. I started taking snaps at the age of 15 with old kodac camera. last six years of medicine study hardly gave me any time to spare for photography. but recently I have decided to provide more time to my hobby, bought nikon DSLR to have gr8 snaps. I like learning from others snaps and skills. by looking at others snap I get chance to see places I may never be able to visit.
I am very thankful to all my PB friends and for your wonderful comments.

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Shaparak · 2011-03-16: 23:40
Reply ⇔ Naught!
nice reflection!
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photoblog lovers
Thank you so much ... sure!
Jarvo · 2011-03-16: 15:01
congrets on FP...
have a look..
photoblog lovers
Thanks very much.
mariadamaris · 2011-03-15: 17:45
Reply ⇔ Sunday drive
okie...I just wanted to tell you to focus on exposure...and avoid things like the object at the lower end of 3rd snap...they are distracting...
also go through rule of 1/3th...
Thanks but these were taken from a moving car then I had to cut them since the distance was quite far. What is the rule of 1/3th????
tinocaputo · 2011-03-15: 16:27
nice street photos....3rd one is very good!
thanx 4 appreciating! :-)
Izobel · 2011-03-15: 14:56
lovely snap!!!
Thanks a lot! :)..These swans were really in love, they both did the best to impress each other (nothing could be better for the photographer!)
AaronChengTP · 2011-03-15: 10:54
5th shot is very very nice....
Thanks for dropping by! Glad #5 works for u.
arkijay · 2011-03-15: 05:01
good one!
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photoblog lovers
thank you for the comment and visiting to my photoblog!!
mariadamaris · 2011-03-15: 04:08
Reply ⇔ Sunday drive
good snaps!
can I give some tips if you dont mind!
Thanks. I don't mind that you give me tips but bear in mind that I have no training in photography and am not very technical. I use Picasa to improve my pics and that's about it :-)
Fali84 · 2011-03-15: 00:44
Reply ⇔ A Wedding
wonderful nice to see indian marriage photo on photoblog
thank you again!
Fali84 · 2011-03-15: 00:43
Reply ⇔ Bride to Be
good set of snaps...
thank you..