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The Tuesday Inspiration: Writing

The theme Stefan gave me for our Tuesday photo this week was writing. I’ve been pondering this for several days and purposely didn’t look at Stefan’s offering (he posted yesterday) so as not to be influenced in my composition. As chance would have it, my shot has quite a lot in common with some of his. I decided to compare the ‘old fashioned’ method of writing, using a fountain pen, with the modern one of using a computer. The pen is my faithful old Parker which I’ve had ever since I was at school. I don’t use it very often these days but it was great to dig it out after so long. I’m even going to make a point of using it more often. The text behind the pen is a pangram, a phrase that uses every letter of the alphabet, which is sometimes used to display different types of font.

If you'd like to see the other contributions to the theme they can be found here:
kellybee322 Lovely. :)
kellybee322 · 2010-01-26: 14:49
farideh Great shot.
farideh · 2010-01-26: 15:13
revenant I like the clean lines and colours and the way the pangram repeats itself as a pattern in and out of focus. My Pelikan was a gift from a relation frustrated at my persistently illegible handwriting (certainly wouldn't fork out good money for something so hopeless as a means of improving my scrawl!).

Living in France, I feel (sort of) obliged to offer a pangram in French:
"Portez ce vieux whisky au juge blond qui fume", which is a bit more intriguing than the English animal farm most of us recall. My literal rendering - take this old whisky to the smoking blond judge - has an almost surreal quality.

As I suggested, the whole 'challenge / competition' thing can be misleading. Just look at the effort and the output from CathyB! Isn't the 'inspiration' concept a good one? Would you like to give the rest of us a theme for next Tuesday or shall we ask one of the others?
revenant · 2010-01-26: 15:40
MoMac That's a nice one I really like the clean cut lines in the middle . BTW what was that font?
MoMac · 2010-01-26: 15:50
lookagain Nice macro...like the B/W in this one!
lookagain · 2010-01-26: 19:57
????? really beautiful!
????? · 2010-01-26: 21:11
????? Very nice macro ... clean and crisp! I like the focusing effect ... how all the words in the pangram span across the lines in focus directly beside the pen ...

This inspiration thing is great ... I needed a kick in the pants to get out and do (shoot that is). I wasn't sure how much to do ... should have asked ... but once I got going ...
????? · 2010-01-26: 21:20
matteahmb I agree...very crisp and precise focus. This shot looks well thought out. Great job!
matteahmb · 2010-01-26: 21:36
tomie great post!
tomie · 2010-01-27: 01:51
Latecomer It says a good deal about writing.
Latecomer · 2010-01-27: 05:04
Lynda Very nice shot for the theme.
Lynda · 2010-01-27: 08:20
Riyaz Superb Macro shot! excellent for the theme set !
Riyaz · 2010-01-27: 09:31
lideto Great image!
lideto · 2010-01-27: 13:41
miclaud I like it!
miclaud · 2010-01-29: 08:32
huiching Wow. So sharp!!!
huiching · 2010-02-01: 09:19
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