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British Museum

The stairs to the British Museum's reading room, now covered by Sir Norman Foster's fabulous roof.
Looking directly up one of the pillars. Sharon captured a funny shot of me in ridiculous contortions trying to take this shot!
I love the details carved into the Portland stone work
I met up with my friend Sharon in London today for a spot of retail therapy and photography. Our first stop was Grays of Westminster where she bought a lovely Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 lens. Fortunately, as Grays only stock Nikon cameras and lenses I couldn’t be tempted to spend any money! From there we headed to the British Museum for a spot of lunch and some photography. We only had an hour or so before our trains home so we concentrated on the courtyard area with its Sir Norman Foster roof. There were countless interesting angles and lines to shoot and we had a great time exploring these at almost every possible focal length between us. These shots are my favourites from the trip – I can see I’ll be going back to take more when I’m in London again!
borogovoi woooow interesting set!
borogovoi · 2010-01-29: 17:19
Sharon I'm impressed we've managed to post some quite different shots! My attempt at the similar shot to your last one didn't turn out quite how I wanted it (I haven't posted it). Can we go back soon?! I love the one looking straight up the column.
Sharon · 2010-01-29: 17:26
Wasichseh Wonderful details of that place!
Wasichseh · 2010-01-29: 17:33
Kay Great, Helen. As usual your shots are great, so glad you enjoyed your day out with Sharon.
Kay · 2010-01-29: 17:50
Tats25 Wonderful shots - I love the perspective in #1
Tats25 · 2010-01-29: 17:58
????? Very interesting views.I like no. 1,2 and 3. Yes, often we are in quite ridiculous positions to get a good shot ;-) Well done, Helen.
????? · 2010-01-29: 18:23
lookagain Post full of great angles....very, very nice!!
lookagain · 2010-01-29: 20:54
huiching Great view. very nice angles...
huiching · 2010-01-30: 01:02
revenant I used to love this place as a kid. Thanks for showing it with your usual eye for detail and composition. As I used to live very close to the New Acropolis Museum, where some of the more notorious residents of the British are urged to go, I thought I'd plug my trip to it here. Sorry for the plug. Even sorrier for the NAM, which has nothing of the grandeur and calm of the BM.
revenant · 2010-01-30: 02:27
Lynda You have taken some interesting almost abstract shots which you are so good at. When I looked at them I thought Stefan will like these and sure enough there he is above my comment!
Lynda · 2010-01-30: 06:08
sachiko Nice angles.
sachiko · 2010-01-30: 08:00
Eiram This is a great set..I would love to see one of the photos of you taking the photos:)))
Eiram · 2010-01-30: 08:50
boszorka65 Wonderful shots Helen.
boszorka65 · 2010-01-31: 02:59
Riyaz beautiful set! great abstracts! very interesting angles!
Riyaz · 2010-02-01: 04:15
jimcoleman I love those shots, I haven't been there for years, perhaps I will make a trip back in the near future. The detail in the third pic is great
jimcoleman · 2010-02-01: 08:51
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