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Waiting for dinner

I’ve had an exceptionally busy day today at the recorder day of our local competitive music festival. I spent nine hours running round organising people and music, accompanying pupils while they performed and generally running the event. All this left no time for photography, even though I had taken my camera along in the vain hope I might take a few photos. On the way home this evening Kevin and I stopped off to grab a Chinese takeaway for dinner. We were in separate cars so I left him to wait for the food while I came home, unloaded all my gear from the car and got the necessary crockery and cutlery out ready for our dinner. It struck me that this might provide an opportunity for a quick grab shot to post so here it is - my dinner bowl and cutlery waiting for my takeaway to arrive! I know I should really use chopsticks to eat Chinese food but my chopstick skills are so useless that I would have ended up wearing far too much of it and, besides, I was too hungry!
borogovoi mmmm nice!
borogovoi · 2010-02-27: 17:05
Kay I know what you mean about being hungry. A really hard day it was too! But well worth all the effort. See you again next year at the same event.
Kay · 2010-02-27: 17:12
Wasichseh I like the compostion, the colour and of course the idea!
Wasichseh · 2010-02-27: 17:40
miltonjacob incredible! u find time and have imagination even after long hours of work!! brava.
miltonjacob · 2010-02-27: 17:55
revenant Confucius he say: person taking photo not eating. Your lack of dexterity surprises me, Helen, so here's a tip known to approx. one quarter of the human population: use the edge of the bowl and think like a crab.

Failing which, there's always a fork.
revenant · 2010-02-27: 17:55
Lynda I was taught how to use chopsticks many years ago by a chinese waiter before my 1st ever chinese meal arrived. I have quite a collection of chopsticks at home and do occasionally use them. This is a nice shot.
Lynda · 2010-02-27: 18:26
????? I am a chopstick fan ... have many sets and use them all the time ... although I am the only one in the family that does so. Sounds like a hectic but fun day ... lovely colors.
????? · 2010-02-27: 21:09
MoMac I like your composition and the plate design what porcelain is it , if it is porcelain that is?
MoMac · 2010-02-28: 08:30
Eiram what a lovely bowl:)
Eiram · 2010-02-28: 12:57
????? Great!
????? · 2010-03-01: 09:05
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