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Classic London architecture

There's so much detail to enjoy in this sort of architecture
I found these sheep and their shepherd in Paternoster Square, near St. Paul's Cathedral. They were sculpted by Elizabeth Frink.
St. Paul's Cathedral
The sun came out just as I took this - perfect timing!
The cherubs were enjoying the sunshine too
Do you ever get a feeling of being very small?!
I'd love to know what they were talking about!
A boot scraper outside St. Mary-Le-Bow - only to be used by genuine Cockneys?
The Bank of England has such elegant pillars
I visited London today for a school concert in a church St. Paul’s Cathedral so I took my camera along to take some architectural photos while I was there. I spent some time before and after the concert in the area around St. Pauls and found lots of inspiration in the architectural shapes and details around the Cathedral. Once I felt I’d exhausted St. Pauls I walked along Cheapside towards the Bank station, stopping off briefly at the church of St. Mary-le-Bow. The bells from this church provide the definition of the term Cockney – for someone to be considered a genuine Cockney they must have been born within the sound of Bow Bells. Outside the church there was a chap shining shoes and I couldn’t resist taking a surreptitious shot of him while he was deep in conversation with a customer. I finished my walk outside the Bank of England in Threadneedle Street where I took a few shots of the building’s façade, the only remaining part of Sir John Soane’s 1788 bank building.
????? You've had me looking up most of this set ... nice details and compositions.
????? · 2010-03-08: 18:53
huiching Wow. Clasic view. I realy want to see them by my eyes one day!
huiching · 2010-03-09: 01:22
Ryana 1 and 7 I like very, very much!
Ryana · 2010-03-09: 03:13
Riyaz Excellent shots, showing the great architecture in London! Adding No 1 to My Favs!
Riyaz · 2010-03-09: 03:53
miltonjacob wow! wow!! wow!!! stunning. last time i missed visiting this cathedral. but soon i will get a chance to visit London again... and i won't miss this. :)
#1 is the No. 1! did u crop it? no.. for curiosity as i wonder about the image size (lengthXwidth) XD
miltonjacob · 2010-03-09: 08:44
revenant So, Sir Christopher's epitaph should be updated to read (in English) "if you seek my monument, look about you - at f/11, 200 ISO, 1/30 sec". I like the tone in 1 and 3.

Nice shots
revenant · 2010-03-09: 09:37
MoMac Just simply fantastic set
MoMac · 2010-03-09: 10:48
thebronzebow great shots especially 1 and 4.
thebronzebow · 2010-03-09: 11:21
Lynda Nice set
Lynda · 2010-03-09: 12:43
Wasichseh Fantastic set! Wonderful lines and details. My favs are 1,4 and 7!
Wasichseh · 2010-03-09: 12:51
justgood Ich agree with Dorothe - you caught some wonderful angles!
justgood · 2010-03-09: 13:07
Eiram Wow...this is a perfect set! Stunning!

I love the angle in the first photo very much , and at No 7 my head is spinning:) great work!
Eiram · 2010-03-09: 14:00
????? Impressive shots. I like your set. No. 7 into my favs.
????? · 2010-03-09: 17:29
Jarvo Very good shots - you have a keen eye for detail.
Jarvo · 2010-03-09: 18:31
????? Amazing shots, love it!
????? · 2010-03-09: 20:12
lookagain What a lot of awesome details and great clarity in these!!
lookagain · 2010-03-09: 21:04
kellybee322 Wonderful set!! Really love 1 and 7!
kellybee322 · 2010-03-09: 21:17
????? I prefer the first one
????? · 2010-03-10: 05:16
natural superbe, i love these colors !!!
natural · 2010-03-10: 05:58
pandka Fantastic shots!
pandka · 2010-03-12: 03:11
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