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Beware of surreal cyclists!

I spotted this rather surreal sculpture outside the sculpture park at Goodwood some time before Christmas. The light that day was very flat and the sky was very grey so I made a mental note to come back when the weather was better. The sky was a lovely shade of blue this afternoon so I took a trip up to Goodwood armed with my camera and polarising filter to see if the sculpture was still there. I’m not quite sure what to make of this – I can’t decided whether it’s supposed to be an elephant that’s been swallowed by its own trunk or some sort of species so far unknown to mankind – all suggestions gratefully received!
GKorts swallow the clouds would be possible as well, perhaps a bit more optimistic than Marjories idea
GKorts · 2011-01-28: 12:37
littleann wow :) This is good :) I like it
littleann · 2011-01-28: 12:38
revenant Yes, those cunning, devious bastards never know when to stop - especially the ones on tricycles.

I have three words to say to anyone who dares disagree: "respect my authorit-I!"
revenant · 2011-01-28: 12:46
revenant No, honestly, I suspect the sculptor's been watching too many South Park episodes.
revenant · 2011-01-28: 12:47
revenant A badly rendered Cartman or a mutated headless elephant on a trike? You be the judge.
revenant · 2011-01-28: 12:48
Ryana My guess, a bombardon is come to life.

Ryana · 2011-01-28: 13:33
mystic1 I agree with McMommy it does look like a cloud maker haha Nice find and capture
mystic1 · 2011-01-28: 14:34
josy63 Absolutely brillant ! A spitter of clouds and a thief of tricycle...There should be a child who cries now his big bike !
josy63 · 2011-01-28: 15:04
lookagain Haha...love this one, very interesting shot! Question. Does it scare small children? ;)))
lookagain · 2011-01-28: 15:18
SheriJ I am amazed there is a tricycle big enough for the dear creature! I think it's head forgot to grow? Strange for sure.
SheriJ · 2011-01-28: 15:26
cariad Hmmm defying at least 3 laws of physics...but like the cloudblower theory... fabulous post Helen
cariad · 2011-01-28: 16:10
Wasichseh LOL, fantastic, could be a figure of "The Neverending Story".
Wasichseh · 2011-01-28: 17:37
danrav Helen, it's not an elephant, its a dinosaur. It is a trumpet-suraus. As a musician, you should have known that! Distant relative to a record-a-saurus! Pshaw!
danrav · 2011-01-28: 20:08
darfoster What a great find! Such a funny sculpture and captures so well!
darfoster · 2011-01-28: 21:33
boszorka65 Super shot.
boszorka65 · 2011-01-29: 03:04
Lynda Great shot of a very peculiar piece.
Lynda · 2011-01-29: 05:51
davidcardona Cool!
davidcardona · 2011-01-29: 09:13
atk5339 Super! Ha-ha-ha!
atk5339 · 2011-01-29: 15:30
????? Oh my... what's the h-e-c-k is that? scaring children at the park? LOL great capture. I wonder about the sculptor now ;-) Hilarious as the cloud in front of its "mouth" seems its pant-pant...
????? · 2011-01-29: 17:47
pandka Cool!
pandka · 2011-01-31: 13:45
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