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Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

This was Lucy's room at the rescue centre - not a room with a view!
Not one of my photos - this is the one of Lucy which appears on the CRRC website. The young cat in front is one of her kittens.
Lucy is obviously destined to be one well-read cat!
Kevin and I welcomed a new arrival to our home today - Gracie’s successor. Although it’s only been two weeks since Gracie died we both felt it was the right time for us so we booked an appointment at the Cat and Rabbit Rescue Centre in Sidlesham, where we adopted Gracie four years ago. We were introduced to about eight cats but we quickly decided that this young lady was the cat for us. She’s fifteen months old now but arrived at the centre last spring expecting kittens, when she was little more than a kitten herself, and was christened Kelis by the staff. Her kittens were born on 21st May last year and at first they tried to re-home her with one of the youngsters. However, the kittens were eventually adopted separately and Mum was left looking for a home on her own. By the time we saw her today she’d been there for seven months and it seems she’d often been overlooked because she’s a little nervous. However, she took to a shine to us when we sat with her and she quickly won our hearts.

As we drove her home she demonstrated a fine soprano voice and we both agreed that the name Kelis just didn’t suit her. Once home we opened her box and after a quick circuit of the room she dived straight for the bookcase and climbed in behind a row of books. The first book she pushed off the shelf was ‘Kobbes Complete Opera’ and that, combined with her musical miouw, set us thinking about possible operatic names. We plumped for Lucy, one of the characters from the Beggar’s Opera. The fact that the name features up in one of our favourite Beatles songs too was the clinching factor.

After about two and a half hours she eventually emerged from her hiding place in the bookcase and has spent the rest of the evening exploring the living room in detail. She’s ventured out of the room a little but seems quite distracted by noises around the house – I guess that after spending all her adult life at the rescue centre there are many sounds she’s never heard before. No doubt there will be many more photos to come. So far she’s proving to be a good model, although taking photos in our living room this evening was rather reminiscent of trying to shoot a piece of coal in a black hole!
Wasichseh Congrats! She is a beauty with wonderful eyes.
Wasichseh · 2011-01-29: 17:41
????? Great post! I enjoyed the story. From white to black... She's adorable and photo no. 2 is like a painting... love it.
Welcome to Lucy, the black diamond :-)
????? · 2011-01-29: 17:43
danrav Congratulations Helen. Lucy is indeed a real beauty. While no one can take the place of Gracie, Lucy sure is lucky to have found such a loving home! I am very happy for you and for Lucy. She looks just like my "Kitty"!!
danrav · 2011-01-29: 17:45
beth0110 She is beautiful and I'm sure we will hear stories of her adventures. I love her big eyes :) Lucky her to have waited for you.
beth0110 · 2011-01-29: 17:51
Lynda She's a very pretty girl
Lynda · 2011-01-29: 17:59
Mgb527 She's beautiful! I look forward to seeing many more photos of her. Congratulations.
Mgb527 · 2011-01-29: 18:09
Andarta Congratulations Helen! Lucy is a beautiful cat and I hope you give each other many years of happiness :)

I love the shot of her behind the books!
Andarta · 2011-01-29: 18:44
revenant I'm glad you get your stock from a rescue and I've already commented on your FB page, but I repeat she has that cute psycho look that's bound to endear her to you both.
revenant · 2011-01-29: 18:46
caroleagle Oh she is a beauty and yes she does look a little (attractively) psycho.. I've only ever had black cat's so she can't help but get the thumbs up from me. Oh I love her already, she looks very strokeable. Lovely pictures too, especially #1 and #2 for me.
caroleagle · 2011-01-29: 20:11
caroleagle mmmm I like #5 too
caroleagle · 2011-01-29: 20:13
karmankwarner She is Beautiful....We used to have one that looked like her but we called him Spook....He would hide around a corner and just as you passed he would swipe at your ankle and screech....spooking all who got near him. I swear he would laugh when he got me...Congratulations on your new girl.
karmankwarner · 2011-01-29: 20:29
josy63 Welcome LSD ! She is magnificent and I see that the small blue necklace is in position.
josy63 · 2011-01-30: 03:36
mystic1 Congrats at Rescuing Lucy, beautil kitty
mystic1 · 2011-01-30: 03:44
cariad She is absolutely beautiful...She does look very settled in #5, but her eyes do give away the fact that she is taking everything in and making sense of it. Congratulations
cariad · 2011-01-30: 05:14
yellodog Beautiful moggy.
yellodog · 2011-01-30: 05:27
sachiko Very lovely set!
sachiko · 2011-01-30: 05:58
wildduck Great post, beautiful cat!
wildduck · 2011-01-30: 07:37
davidcardona Precious!
davidcardona · 2011-01-30: 09:27
Ryana How good to see Lucy.
She wil be happy with you both!!
Ryana · 2011-01-30: 10:30
MoMac What eyes!!!! beautiful portraits of a LOVELY LUCY
MoMac · 2011-01-30: 11:03
catdad What beautiful Cat !! So wonderful you got a Rescue Kitty !! That also is where "Loki" came from . Great shots and looking forward to many "Caturday" posts !! cd
catdad · 2011-01-30: 12:37
LaurenBurke ADORABLE! I love the eyes on #4
LaurenBurke · 2011-01-30: 13:53
NellyBly She is very beautiful! Love those eyes :-)
NellyBly · 2011-01-30: 19:37
pandka First and last are amazing!
pandka · 2011-01-31: 13:45
Eiram Welcome Lucy! You are beautiful!
Eiram · 2011-01-31: 16:10
lookagain Oh, she's so lovely! Sounds like she's a great match for you and Kevin. So glad you found each other!!
lookagain · 2011-01-31: 19:40
Annabelle33 She's beautiful!! That's so great you adopted her from a rescue center, and that she took a liking to the two of you when she's usually shy. Cats (and dogs) sometimes pick their people! Sounds like she picked you after a long wait. Hope you and your husband and Lucy have many wonderful years together!
Annabelle33 · 2011-01-31: 22:21
Kozuka Oh huge eyes! Love it!
Kozuka · 2011-02-01: 05:39
snowpie What a beauty!! Beg she's in heaven now and knows how to rule it as well^^ Give her a little kiss :)
snowpie · 2011-02-01: 13:43
hannamagnusson She is so cute!
hannamagnusson · 2011-02-02: 02:35
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