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Bravery or madness?

Click to enlarge if you wish to see the full madness of these folk!
When I emerged from school at lunchtime today I looked upwards to admire the Cathedral in the warm afternoon sunshine. As I did so I was astonished to see three men climbing up the spire – not something you see every day. One of them was a long way up and the chap behind him was carrying a ladder, presumably to attach to the spire to allow them access to the very top. By the time I got my camera out the third man had disappeared from view. I can only assume they were doing some work on the spire’s lightning rod which runs just behind the ladders they’d lashed to the building. It made me wonder as to the sanity of people who do jobs like these. It was a lovely sunny day today but I’m sure there must be days when they have to carry out such tasks in rain and wind which must be absolutely terrifying. One thing’s for sure – you wouldn’t find me volunteering to do that job!!

Incidentally, I have been up as far as the base of the spire of Chichester Cathedral (where the crenellations are in this photo) and the view was magnificent but it only involved negotiating spiral staircases – no ladders required!

josy63 It's a magnificent photo and I look at these men with a mixture of amiration and of big faintness! We may say to themselves that it is their job, I remain stunned in front of this mixture of courage and tamed unconsciousness !
josy63 · 2011-02-17: 12:18
GKorts looks like they are left from the times when the church was build
GKorts · 2011-02-17: 12:21
????? Wow. Madness says it all but what a view if you are brave enough to look around up there.
????? · 2011-02-17: 12:26
Riyaz Great shot and a bit of both, I would say! Love the texture and great composition! Standard lens?
Riyaz · 2011-02-17: 13:03
????? I wonder if they brought a camera. :)
????? · 2011-02-17: 13:13
yellodog Makes me dizzy :)
yellodog · 2011-02-17: 13:37
mystic1 I say Madness haha
mystic1 · 2011-02-17: 14:18
snowpie Totally MAD!!!! when not enlarged you don't realy notice them... :)
snowpie · 2011-02-17: 14:47
MsCumberdale Maybe a little bit of both! A great picture anyhow. :-)
MsCumberdale · 2011-02-17: 15:16
Sharon Yikes - makes me feel faint just looking at the photo!
Sharon · 2011-02-17: 16:18
LAZYWASP Great shot.....I`m with you.....no head for heights!!!
LAZYWASP · 2011-02-17: 16:36
danrav A wonderful shot of a totally insane job. OMG! No way!
danrav · 2011-02-17: 17:22
lookagain Dangerous work on their part....great capture on your part!
lookagain · 2011-02-17: 20:10
liveandletlive It's an incredible photo Helen but I vote for complete insanity. It would take a whole lot of guns pointed at me to get me up there.
liveandletlive · 2011-02-17: 20:41
NellyBly Great capture! It's astonishing how some people can do these things..but someone has to! Beautiful architecture.
NellyBly · 2011-02-17: 21:39
miltonjacob incredible!! bravery or madness, it is demanded by the job which sustains them!! let us wish them a safe work!! btw, lovely shot
miltonjacob · 2011-02-18: 07:25
revenant Actually, it's not as hair-raising as you'd think. I believe the men were tired of naff reception and went up there with a satellite dish.
revenant · 2011-02-18: 08:49
davids This makes me feel quesy just looking at it!
davids · 2011-02-19: 05:03
ppinho Amazing!
ppinho · 2011-02-19: 06:08
cariad Eeek...not for me, but made for a fabulous post
cariad · 2011-02-20: 13:53
Ryana Every time I look at your pictures I see these men fall ... brrrr

Your image is, like always, very good!!!
Ryana · 2011-02-21: 14:00
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