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Brave new world

The first step over the threshold....
Lucy's first port of call was this wooden shelter which my Dad built for our first cat, Bob. It was obviously full of interesting smells!
Lucy in motion
She figured out how to scale fences very quickly!
Back inside for a moment to take it all in.....
....and we're off again!
Lucy found the bamboo fascinating.
After scaling the trellis behind the bamboo she sat on the fence for a few moments, surveying her new territory.
After a brief trip down the side of the shed she came back looking a rather scruffy. She didn't like the cobwebs at all!
A month since she came to live with us, Lucy finally made her first foray into the outside world today. We offered her an opportunity to go outside last Saturday but she seemed rather reluctant, although this quite possibly something to do with the fact that it was pouring with rain at the time! This morning was yet another grey one but it wasn’t wet so we decided to give her another chance. She didn’t need much encouragement this time and before long she was scampering all over the garden, exploring the undergrowth and climbing up the trees and fences.
Lynda What a lovely set. She will be so happy to finally be outside and looks just like a panther.
Lynda · 2011-02-26: 07:15
josy63 I really like the last one! Lucy is too funny covering of cobwebs
josy63 · 2011-02-26: 07:18
danrav Fantastic set of my new friend Lucy!!! She is indeed a beauty and your shots of her really brought out her beauty and "prowess". I just love shots 9 - the end. You can really see the wild instincts of the cat in the shots. I just love it. The cob web shot is precious! Oh..I always worry about cats running away when outside... Keep an eye on her!!!
danrav · 2011-02-26: 07:20
Ryana So nice to see she's doing just fine!!
Ryana · 2011-02-26: 07:27
????? :-)) thank you Helen for this funny and enjoyable feline set...
????? · 2011-02-26: 07:46
Eiram What a great adventure for Lucy! Beautiful set!
Eiram · 2011-02-26: 08:46
gonia beautifull cat and excellent pictures!
gonia · 2011-02-26: 09:32
sachiko So nice set!
sachiko · 2011-02-26: 09:51
Kay The last one is fantastic. How long did it take Lucy to get the cobwebs off her face?
Kay · 2011-02-26: 10:26
????? how sweet! I wouldn't like cobwebs on my face either!! Her eyes are so big, what a beauty!
????? · 2011-02-26: 10:43
cariad Oh she is looking very beautiful - I love the permanent inquisitivness of her eyes. I agree with her on cobwebs...yucky!!
cariad · 2011-02-26: 10:54
liveandletlive I am so happy to see Lucy adapting to her new surroundings. She's just beautiful Helen.
liveandletlive · 2011-02-26: 11:06
mystic1 Wow wonderful set of Lucy looks like she had a blast exploring
mystic1 · 2011-02-26: 12:07
????? Interesting set. I like the 1st portrait best, and her movement in 3-6
????? · 2011-02-26: 13:40
ArtBee What a beautiful wide eyed pussy cat! Lucy looks like a hunter......I know I know she's your pet and gets spoiled....a lot. She's so pretty how can you help it.....haha
I live in the country and cats are for keeping the rodent population down that's why I see her as a good hunter! Beautiful set of great photos!
ArtBee · 2011-02-26: 14:00
MoMac Great set of Lucy's adventure outside, her startled expression in her eyes make me smile.
MoMac · 2011-02-26: 17:12
caroleagle Every one of these is GREAT. She is such a beautiful cat, even with the cobwebs.
caroleagle · 2011-02-27: 12:47
elizzi what a fabulous set and the captions
elizzi · 2011-02-27: 18:58
lookagain Fantastic series of shots!! You really got some great looks and angles of Lucy, the explorer!! #7 and #11 are best for me, but they're all wonderful!
lookagain · 2011-02-27: 22:38
Goldbrandi Superb set!
Goldbrandi · 2011-02-28: 12:55
snowpie Was she an outside cat before she was in the pet shelter? and by the way, do you know "simon's cat"? this strip makes me remember the comic named "first snow" it is really funny.
snowpie · 2011-03-01: 13:10
wildduck Adorable!!!!
wildduck · 2011-03-03: 14:35
ofyouandme this set is so fun! and such an adorable cat :D
ofyouandme · 2011-03-06: 11:54
helys Great set !
Cute :)
helys · 2011-03-15: 04:23
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