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The Tuesday Inspiration: Cotton wool skies

I despaired of finding a suitable view to illustrate today’s theme this morning as there was a complete absence of it in Chichester. However, north of the South Downs the sky was looking much more promising and I managed to catch this shot from the bridge at Petersfield railway station this afternoon.

Thanks to David (Davidcardona) for setting today’s theme. Last Tuesday’s theme was ‘Abandoned’. The other interpretations of this week’s theme can be found here.

The “Tuesday Inspiration” began in 2009 when Stefan and I started setting each other a photographic challenge on a… Tuesday. Very soon afterwards, we decided to open this up to other PB members, followed by the idea that we should not reveal what the subject is, so that other members could compare how different members view a single theme. The Tuesday Inspiration is not a contest or a challenge, but a group of people all agreeing to post their interpretation of a single theme on Tuesdays. Each week, one of the contributors sets the theme. There are now over 40 members contributing to the TI. We have only two “rules”: don’t include the subject in the TI title or tags and please comply with standard PB guidelines on courtesy, etc. If you would like to take part, please send me a message via this blog.
helys Great perspectives
Nice colours
helys · 2011-06-14: 16:01
josy63 A beautiful plan for a sky which becomes fleecy !
josy63 · 2011-06-14: 16:11
LAZYWASP Great ti shot!!
LAZYWASP · 2011-06-14: 16:17
Lynda lovely shot
Lynda · 2011-06-14: 16:27
davids I think the technical term is smooothinox fluffiflora. Good result.
davids · 2011-06-14: 16:44
Jarvo Lovely shot - its a shame that PB doesn't really do it justice, it would be nice to be able to see it without scrolling (makes a change to moaning about landscapes!)
Jarvo · 2011-06-14: 18:46
danrav What a lovely contrast between the sky and the railroad! Soft and delicate butting against rough and industrial!!
danrav · 2011-06-14: 19:10
Andarta Wow, gorgeous picture :-)
Andarta · 2011-06-14: 19:57
mystic1 Thats awesome love that capture well done
mystic1 · 2011-06-14: 20:28
LevonTheLights thanks for posting! great pic!
LevonTheLights · 2011-06-14: 21:32
lukesmom Love this shot. I am fond of trains and railroads :)
lukesmom · 2011-06-14: 21:45
djnana Helen, this just got better as I scrolled down the photo! The lightness of the clouds is lovely; the heaviness of the railroad tracks really grounds the shot; and the bridge does just what it should - spans the photo and pulls it together well.
djnana · 2011-06-14: 21:48
Shaparak Excellent!
Shaparak · 2011-06-14: 22:50
beth0110 wonderful shot for the theme. love the perspective of the tracks and how it draws you right to the clouds :)
beth0110 · 2011-06-14: 23:00
davidcardona Great perspective and excellent work. Awesome third dimension concept. I added this one into my favorites. Thanks for sharing!
davidcardona · 2011-06-14: 23:14
thebronzebow Beautiful! Love the detail both above and below! :)
thebronzebow · 2011-06-14: 23:31
slowpete love that you included the railway tracks
slowpete · 2011-06-15: 02:12
snowpie with such a great trail in focus, one comes to think that the TI isn't that important :) looks wonderfull!
snowpie · 2011-06-15: 02:50
SewerRanger Neat perspective.
SewerRanger · 2011-06-15: 08:54
MsCumberdale Great!
MsCumberdale · 2011-06-15: 10:34
wildduck Awesome shot!
wildduck · 2011-06-16: 12:51
Eiram Very lovely photo!
Eiram · 2011-06-18: 15:07
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