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The Tuesday Inspiration: Unwanted?

I spotted this Coke can left on the pavement when I popped into Chichester this afternoon and it struck me as a good subject for today’s theme. With its strong single colour it also occurred to me that it would be an ideal candidate for the selective colour treatment.

Thanks to Liz for setting today’s theme. Last Tuesday’s theme was ‘beating’. The other interpretations of this week’s theme can be found here.

The “Tuesday Inspiration” began in 2009 when Stefan and I started setting each other a photographic challenge on a… Tuesday. Very soon afterwards, we decided to open this up to other PB members, followed by the idea that we should not reveal what the subject is, so that other members could compare how different members view a single theme. The Tuesday Inspiration is not a contest or a challenge, but a group of people all agreeing to post their interpretation of a single theme on Tuesdays. Each week, one of the contributors sets the theme. There are now over 40 members contributing to the TI. We have only two “rules”: don’t include the subject in the TI title or tags and please comply with standard PB guidelines on courtesy, etc. If you would like to take part, please send me a message via this blog.
danrav Yes it is great for both purposes Helen!! Multi-tasking the TI - how efficient!!! Oh my! you have Coke in UK also????? ;-)))
danrav · 2011-08-23: 11:44
Ryana Well, to me it is "unwanted", I do not like the taste of Coke ... unless there is beer with it. ;)) (A beer glass two fingers high fill with cola and add the rest jupiler) that we call "a mazoutje".

So, for the theme ... pom-pom-pom ... no idea, sorry.

For the image, what can I say, you are good, so damn good!
Ryana · 2011-08-23: 11:54
helys Great contrasts
Clarity, details,colours
helys · 2011-08-23: 12:07
Lynda fantastic shot Helen
Lynda · 2011-08-23: 12:20
Eiram Love this! Great shot!
Eiram · 2011-08-23: 12:34
josy63 Oh, my god the Coke is everywhere!!! :))
Indeed a good idea for the selective colour treatment !Moreover we would believe one
josy63 · 2011-08-23: 12:47
Sharon Looks really effective :-) I like it (but not so keen on Coke!)
Sharon · 2011-08-23: 13:11
miltonjacob vivid and sharp (btw. got a new 50mm - but does not auto-focus in my camera model!)
miltonjacob · 2011-08-23: 13:11
MoMac good idea
MoMac · 2011-08-23: 14:00
karmankwarner Excellent image on both counts. I am no longer drinking soda, but Coke is my favorite. Plus it helps to clean the extra acid off battery cables. :)
karmankwarner · 2011-08-23: 14:15
Melusine Very good image - I like the contrasts :)
Melusine · 2011-08-23: 15:06
elizzi looks great..I dont think I can do that with my camera,cameras.
elizzi · 2011-08-23: 16:49
LAZYWASP A very neat shot...
LAZYWASP · 2011-08-23: 17:56
mwbergeron01 Wonderful work on this shot! And great Idea for the TI.
mwbergeron01 · 2011-08-23: 18:39
lookagain Cool! Love the little flash of light on the can! Is Coke in the UK still served warm, right off the shelf? That's one thing I remember from when I lived there....after having cold Coke all my life it was hard to get used to that!
lookagain · 2011-08-23: 19:47
liveandletlive Awesome shot for the TI Helen! And warm Coke? That's just wrong.
liveandletlive · 2011-08-23: 22:13
slowpete I like the selective colour used to high-lite the can. well composed
slowpete · 2011-08-24: 02:36
SheriJ Great shot and nice use of the 2/3 rule! :)
SheriJ · 2011-08-24: 09:52
????? Nice shot for the TI
????? · 2011-08-25: 03:34
gonia very good idea. I like this picture.
gonia · 2011-08-25: 04:48
JustmeG fantastic capture and excellent selective colouring (I'm a professed Coke lover so I'm a bit biased) :-))
JustmeG · 2011-08-25: 12:45
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