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Simple pleasures

As I did the weekly food shop this afternoon I came across some Tunnocks Teacakes on the shelf and found myself unable to resist their allure. I have very fond memories of these chocolate and marshmallow creations from my childhood and they’re just as delicious as I remember. The box celebrates the fact that they’re still a family run firm, established in 1890, and this prompted me to look them up online. It seems they started in Scotland by a Thomas Tunnock and the company is run today by his grandson. The other ‘useless fact of the day’ that I learnt was that they now export their products to thirty countries and the biggest importer of Tunnocks products is Saudi Arabia – I wasn’t expecting that at all! If this has whetted your appetite to visit Tunnocks apparently you can go on a factory tour but there’s a year long waiting list to do so......
tomie hummm! i would say simple cakes but big pleasure :)
tomie · 2011-09-19: 12:22
helys Oh, yès !
So good taste
Like it
Well done
helys · 2011-09-19: 12:23
danrav These look delish Helen! You did a top notch job of photographing the product! The company site is really interesting! I like the young kid that winks at you on the home page. It's has a real "old school" feel to it. I would like to try the Caramel Wafers.
danrav · 2011-09-19: 13:00
Jarvo I love Tunnocks. I used to have their caramel bars as a kid. As no-one else did though I always wondered where there claims of "A million bars sold every week" came from.

As for Saudi imports, I once worked with a woman who had helped set up the first Marks & Spencer's stores out there. She told me that they bought more lingerie that anywhere else.
Jarvo · 2011-09-19: 13:45
josy63 Ah, I would like to enjoy this greedy curiosity... A beautiful photo and explanations which tempt to crunch with enjoyment
josy63 · 2011-09-19: 13:57
iPhoneElorac Mmmmmmm. Love these. Have they got jam in them? and do you eat all the chocolate off first? (when you're not photographing them).
We had these at school at break time.. Very nostalgic. Lovely image too. Oh poop. I want one now.
iPhoneElorac · 2011-09-19: 16:14
iPhoneElorac Oh Caramel wafers!!! want one of those too.
iPhoneElorac · 2011-09-19: 16:15
lookagain My goodness, they must be quite good to have stayed on the market that long! Lovely B/W and interesting information, Helen!
lookagain · 2011-09-19: 21:51
Annabelle33 What a great success story! And they really do look yummy!
Annabelle33 · 2011-09-20: 01:52
Annbramwell At least they didn't shrink them like they did with wagon wheels...
Annbramwell · 2011-09-20: 02:02
LAZYWASP As the BBC would say "Other tea cakes are available!!!" :)
Neat shot for the TI....how many are left?
LAZYWASP · 2011-09-20: 03:41
mattmckenna Love this picture, I stay about 8 miles away from the factory, just love them
mattmckenna · 2011-09-20: 11:57
lukesmom I really love this shot, especially in b&w! It has such a nostalgic feel to it and the cake looks yummy too!
lukesmom · 2011-09-20: 20:40
Patricia132 YUMMMO!
Patricia132 · 2011-09-30: 09:36
MoMac Oh! no now you've got me drooling that was a childhood favourite with me too never knew they originated in Scotland thanks for Sharing.
MoMac · 2011-10-01: 13:45
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