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24 hours later.....

I really hoped I’d be able to go back to the woods at Goodwood today to take some more autumnal shots now the leaf colours are finally beginning to change. However, it’s been so completely overcast, wet and grey today that it just didn’t seem worth it. That left me without a subject to shoot today until I noticed yesterday’s hazel leaf on my music room windowsill, now looking rather forlorn after twenty four hours inside a heated house. I wasn’t convinced this shot of it would really work but once I’d got it onto my computer I decided I rather liked the texture and feel of it. Maybe tomorrow will be more conducive to woodland shooting....
lookagain Helen, I meant to tell you this on your previous post, but it'll work just as well for this awesome shot. A person who critiqued a photo of mine said his instructor had told him to look for the most perfect leaf, flower etc. before taking the shot. I totally disagree and think that the old, faded, crumbly, curled ones are WAY more interesting!! Your photo above totally proves my point ;)) To my faves...
lookagain · 2011-10-30: 11:16
jennyLit great! i love seeing how it has changed!
jennyLit · 2011-10-30: 11:23
miclaud Nice!!!
miclaud · 2011-10-30: 11:31
MoMac lovely the little bits on the stalk , looks like a centipede
MoMac · 2011-10-30: 11:52
josy63 Supeb shot Helen. I find that tones became warmer, and a faded leaf looks by winding wonderful effects ! In my favorites
josy63 · 2011-10-30: 11:54
danrav Helen, this more than "works" - it is fabulous. I love the progression from yesterday and it is actually more beautiful with age. Just like me!!!! lol! hahaha! (Practicing for this weeks TI) Get it???? BTW - shoot the leaf again tomorrow and make a tryptic!
danrav · 2011-10-30: 12:37
demarc it is great i have no words for it (this is ART well done Helen)
demarc · 2011-10-30: 15:13
????? I too like the texture and the feel it puts off. Great DoF, I love how the ends have curled up, and the little hairs on the stem. Great job!
????? · 2011-10-30: 19:01
elizzi it is the details on the stalk that draw me to this photo..wonderful
elizzi · 2011-10-30: 20:00
djnana How do you DO that? Perfect, once again, Helen!
djnana · 2011-10-30: 22:56
yellodog Fascinating interplay between the in and out of focus bits and the texture.
yellodog · 2011-10-31: 04:33
helys Great DOF
Nice angle and white background
Well done
helys · 2011-10-31: 16:46
Wasichseh Great composition and dof!
Wasichseh · 2011-10-31: 17:30
phibbs Great details and great light !
phibbs · 2011-11-02: 12:36
Kozuka Superb!!
Kozuka · 2011-11-03: 06:59
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