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Steeped in history

After I’d finished work at Bedales School this afternoon I stopped off at the village churchto take a look around. Steep Church was originally built in the twelfth century but it’s had many later architectural additions. I was looking forward to seeing an engraved window in memory of the World War I poet Edward Thomas who lived locally. Sadly it was vandalised recently so this wasn’t possible but I’ll go back in a few months to see if it’s been repaired. In the end my favourite shot of this brief visit was a photo of one of the other windows and there was something about the texture of the glass and the render on the walls which just seemed to cry out for a black and white conversion.
yellodog Lovely.
yellodog · 2011-11-03: 15:13
helys Wow
Interesting and beautiful window
Great stories behind this one !
Nice grey colour tones
Nice mood
Great job
helys · 2011-11-03: 15:21
davids I wonder what kind of moron would vandalise a stained glass window?
davids · 2011-11-03: 15:21
MoMac I don't understand that type of vanadalism either , They obviously don'T know the history behind certain memorial windows or sculptures etc.
Nice in B&W
MoMac · 2011-11-03: 15:33
josy63 It's a pity for the History, but the current history is made by destructions for doubtless the pleasure
A beautiful and sad photo !
josy63 · 2011-11-03: 16:03
lookagain Yes, I agree the B/W works VERY well in this case.....really brings out the wonderful texture!
lookagain · 2011-11-03: 16:34
jennyLit great shot! fantastic texture:)
jennyLit · 2011-11-03: 17:46
lukesmom This is a gorgeous shot and I agree about it looking great in b&w. Nicely done.
lukesmom · 2011-11-03: 20:05
JustmeG lovely ...but looks like sepia tone to me :-) either way, its a striking shot!
JustmeG · 2011-11-03: 20:06
danrav Oh I love the design in this one. So perfect for the B&W, Helen. Too bad for the vandalism!!! Sad....
danrav · 2011-11-03: 20:39
slowpete great in B&W. soft texture with the hard lines of the window makes for lovely contrast
slowpete · 2011-11-04: 01:43
Nellinka Just beautiful. Love this kind of "harmony"
Nellinka · 2011-11-04: 06:22
lgnelson Black and white is perfect for "aging" this window, Helen. Very nice.
lgnelson · 2011-11-04: 22:33
beth0110 wonderful shot. love the b&w with this picture because it brings out the age and texture. I like the symmetry of this shot too. It is so irritating when people do such senseless things.
beth0110 · 2011-11-05: 16:59
mystic1 Wonderful capture
mystic1 · 2011-11-19: 13:34
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