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Thank goodness for Lucy! (Theme & Caturday)

I thought I’d combine today’s ‘thankful’ theme with Caturday and, right on cue, Lucy decided to pose for me in the sunshine when I got home from school this morning – what an obliging cat! I’m always thankful for the companionship of our cats, be it Lucy now, or her predecessors, Bob and Gracie. It’s so lovely to come home to find Lucy inside, waiting to greet me, especially if I’ve been away for a few days or Kevin is out of the house. Lucy has the most wonderfully loud, throbbing purr (very Harley-Davidson-esque) and she always leaves me in no doubt that she’s pleased to see me, even if it is only because I’m willing to tickle her ears and give her food on demand!
helys Great angle,
Nice details, colours of the fur
helys · 2011-11-23: 09:05
lookagain Oh....lovely shot of your beautiful Lucy, Helen! I picture her sitting and patiently waiting for you to come home....a sure sign of love :)))
lookagain · 2011-11-23: 09:12
Annbramwell She is certainly a beauty... I love the little patch of white on her chest!
Annbramwell · 2011-11-23: 09:16
basilchocolate Lovely Lucy!!
basilchocolate · 2011-11-23: 09:37
MoMac lovely
MoMac · 2011-11-23: 09:43
jennyLit great portrait Helen:)
jennyLit · 2011-11-23: 09:49
danrav Oh my sweet Lucy! What a classic pose! What better reasons are there to purr and be happy than to have one's ear tickled and to be fed on demand!! There are probably some better - but Lucy has the right idea!!!! ;-))))
danrav · 2011-11-23: 09:59
camilleauteuil Lucy is a wonder, - the 8th Wonder of the World .............. with my Cats ! ;-))
camilleauteuil · 2011-11-23: 11:04
josy63 She is simply royal... It is a pity we hear not her purr Harley Davidson ! :))
josy63 · 2011-11-23: 12:58
Wasichseh Lovely Lucy portrait!
Wasichseh · 2011-11-23: 13:39
Eiram oh yes, our life would be so boring without cats:)
Eiram · 2011-11-23: 15:33
va000119 Great. :-))
va000119 · 2011-11-23: 17:16
elizzi what a stunning beauty
elizzi · 2011-11-23: 19:17
Jarvo Lovely portrait.
Jarvo · 2011-11-23: 19:57
Shaparak wow! what a dominant eyes!
Shaparak · 2011-11-23: 22:51
????? what a great way to cover two themes!!!! beautiful light, her coat is so glossy!
????? · 2011-11-24: 09:39
????? a wonderfull cat
????? · 2011-11-24: 16:45
tomie he catches the light so nicely!! wonderful!
tomie · 2011-11-25: 04:35
mystic1 Beautiful shot of Lucy well done
mystic1 · 2011-11-26: 01:07
lukesmom Nice shot of your Lucy. I have a Lucy, too, but she's a black dog!
lukesmom · 2011-11-26: 08:19
Ryana Helen, I understand clearly what you mean.
My "Freek" comes running to me as soon as I open the garden gate, revolves around my legs as he gently rubbed his head against it until we are inside. If he mews for his dinner, I ask: Do I get a hug? And he does it again ... ;o)
His bed (a club chair) is in my bedroom. When we go to sleep I cal him to say it's time for bed and then he runs up the stairs and go straight to his seat.

Lovely portrait of her!!
Ryana · 2011-11-26: 12:40
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