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The roads I travel (theme)

Rather than shoot real roads for today’s theme I decide to take a more abstract approach and use my Lensbaby to shoot a map of the area I live in. I decided to focus on my home town of Chichester (although we actually live in Fishbourne, just west of Chichester) and then edited it to give the image an aged look.
davidcardona Cool! Thanks for sharing!
davidcardona · 2011-11-30: 11:52
demarc love it :-)
demarc · 2011-11-30: 11:54
Annbramwell I find place names fascinating, and have spent many a long and boring journey pouring over the road atlas in the car discovering all manner of wierd and wonderful places... there is an English musician called Tom Bliss who has made an excellent poem using only English and Welsh place names (and prepositions), called 'Middle English and Welsh pie' it is well worth a listen... http://youtu.be/6tltEZzTxxs
Annbramwell · 2011-11-30: 12:25
tomie great approch! i like your idea!
tomie · 2011-11-30: 12:37
josy63 A beautiful idea and an approach made a success to illustrate this theme !
josy63 · 2011-11-30: 12:44
mrmeliska Great shot....
mrmeliska · 2011-11-30: 12:50
davids Nice idea and I'm with Ann; I'm fascinated by place names and some of those I especially love are down in Dorset - the home of all the Piddles and Puddles :-)
davids · 2011-11-30: 13:07
danrav Very creative and fresh approach Helen. Like the aged look edit!!!!
danrav · 2011-11-30: 13:31
NellyBly Great idea..looks like a lot of interesting places around..
NellyBly · 2011-11-30: 18:51
mystic1 Wow thats a fantastic idea I love it well done for the theme
mystic1 · 2011-11-30: 22:19
MoMac Actually I think it reminds me a a new map. I remember getting lost driving to Scotland from England well my husband was driving I was supposed to be navigating. So my fault of course and we ended up in a town called MOIRA . Can you believe that!!!! . I've tried to find it on maps again but I haven't managed.
MoMac · 2011-12-01: 04:41
Steve Moira is in Leicestershire, just west of Ashby-de-la-Zouch (which you might think is even stranger!)
Steve · 2011-12-01: 05:53
lukesmom This is a very cool shot. Nicely done!
lukesmom · 2011-12-01: 18:30
lookagain Love it for the theme!!! Great shot and idea, Helen!
lookagain · 2011-12-02: 07:50
Ryana Nice treatment of this clever shot!
Ryana · 2011-12-02: 09:19
ArtBee You are truly an original Helen.....another great out-of-the-box idea for the Mystic Theme. Well Done!
ArtBee · 2011-12-02: 12:12
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