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Round and round in circles

I seem to have spent today going round and round in circles. I have been searching for a particular piece of music for several days now but it has simply vanished into thin air. It’s not in any of the places it should be but you can guarantee that as soon as the event I need it for this Saturday is over it will reappear as if by magic! I decided to search for an alternative piece of music on the internet but the composition I want doesn’t seem to exist in the format I need – most frustrating. Having come back to square one I have chosen a completely different programme of music and decided to vent my frustrations by shooting something circular to illustrate my day’s activities. This is a key ring which has been sitting in my bits and bobs pot, surplus to requirements, for some time. I shot it on my music room windowsill using my macro lens and I love how, when you get so close, little details of texture which you don’t notice with the naked eye suddenly become visible.

Right – I’m now off to the supermarket to see if I can be successful at least once today rather than spending the entire day going round in circles!
danrav Do they sell sheet music for recorders at the supermarket in UK??? ;-)), <(, hahahaha

Great shot, Helen. Yes, those little nicks and gouges really show up nicely!!
danrav · 2011-12-15: 11:54
helys Wow
Beautiful bokeh in BW !
helys · 2011-12-15: 11:58
jennyLit so simple and beautiful!
jennyLit · 2011-12-15: 12:07
lgnelson Excellent detail and dof, Helen! I expect you probably have your music memorized, but I hope you find it anyway.
lgnelson · 2011-12-15: 12:30
lookagain You make common objects look so very interesting, Helen!!! Great focus and perspective!!
lookagain · 2011-12-15: 12:53
MoMac Oh Dear I hope you find your music sheet soon . Look in the less obvious places sometimes as you rush to answer the phone or door bell or even go to the loo you can put it down on the nearest table or shelf on the way then forget you did that .
Nice macro of your key- ring
MoMac · 2011-12-15: 13:52
Eiram I feel for you ,I hate looking for things, drives me insane.
Love the "bits and bobs pot" expression:)
Eiram · 2011-12-15: 14:42
josy63 I want to go round in circles indeed still to discover all the details which gives the macro! Very good shot Helen :)
josy63 · 2011-12-15: 15:07
????? hang in there!!!!! (great shot, oh dof queen!!)
????? · 2011-12-15: 16:02
Mgb527 Very nice
Mgb527 · 2011-12-15: 20:53
Arie Thumbs up for this good shot.
It's simple yet beautiful...
Arie · 2011-12-16: 02:17
mystic1 Cool closeup
mystic1 · 2011-12-16: 16:10
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