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New toys!

Lucy is always fascinated when I shoot still life images - she usually wants to bat my subject onto the floor!
I love the razor-thin depth of field this lens gives at f2.8 - offering endless creative possibilities!
hannahevans These are great pictures! I especially like how in the cat picture, the picture is black and white but the eyes of the cat still make an impression on the viewer! great job with these!
hannahevans · 2011-12-19: 12:13
demarc You always make great photo's well done Elhen
demarc · 2011-12-19: 12:32
GKorts I have the 100 as well and it is really a winner lens. Great shots. Perhaps you will take one advice from a multi traveller, always when I travelled light I suffered because for sure you will run from one situation into another where you miss one of your special lenses. Travel nearly naked but don´t leave one lens at home.
GKorts · 2011-12-19: 12:34
josy63 And indeed, I believe that your two lenses are going to work wonders.
You have two weeks to try, and in my opinion it's going to be difficult to choose... But it's Christmas soon... No? :))
josy63 · 2011-12-19: 12:45
yellodog Now you've got me wanting the 100 :(
yellodog · 2011-12-19: 13:24
Kovac Wonderful set :)
Kovac · 2011-12-19: 13:29
Ryana That portrait of Lucy is ... oh, I do not find the words ... !! "Beautiful" does not say anything that come close to what I think of it!

Have fun and please let us see all your playing results of both lenses.
Ryana · 2011-12-19: 13:36
davids I'm very much of the "travel light" mind and my standard lens is the Nikon 18-200mm. I love it despite it being stupidly expensive.
davids · 2011-12-19: 14:26
Annbramwell Love the photo of Lucy, she is a strikingly beautiful cat...
Annbramwell · 2011-12-19: 14:43
JustmeG the first shot is just stunning! :-)
JustmeG · 2011-12-19: 17:26
Nellinka Love Lucy's eyes... and all the compositions. =)
Nellinka · 2011-12-19: 17:46
djnana It's difficult for me to imagine that you could take better photos than you already do! But, these are so remarkable, Helen! I love the reflection in the cat's eye, plus the miniscule focus on the pin! Wow - you have whole new worlds open to you (at least for a few weeks!)!! And thanks for the sweet note on my scrapbook post today!
djnana · 2011-12-19: 19:21
mystic1 Wow new toys cool captures Awesome portarit of Lucy
mystic1 · 2011-12-19: 21:08
lgnelson Looking forward to the next two weeks of your experiments, Helen! I love your work.
lgnelson · 2011-12-19: 21:50
lukesmom Great photos! I can see why you are pleased!! I just love reading your narrative, too!
lukesmom · 2011-12-20: 22:26
miltonjacob wonderful! even yesterday i dreamed about a 18-200 lens!! :)
miltonjacob · 2011-12-21: 11:37
maharba My gosh! look at those eyes....
maharba · 2011-12-21: 15:09
????? Lovely portrait of Lucy, I like how it's cropped.
????? · 2011-12-22: 10:58
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