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New year’s resolutions

I know it’s a bit late for new year’s resolutions but at least we’re still just about in the first week of 2012. When we tidied up for Yulia’s visit earlier this week I came across various photography books which I’ve acquired over the last couple of years. Some were presents for birthday and Christmas last year and others were given to me this Christmas but they all have one thing in common – I haven’t had time to read them! I’ve decided I’m going to try and find at least a few minutes each week to start working through them – they all contain useful info and inspirational pictures which can only be good for my photography skills. For anyone who’s interested in what the books are, here’s a list:

Waiting for the Light by David Noton
The Photographer’s Eye by Michael Freeman
The Complete Guide to Black and White Photography by Michael Freeman
Art of the Formula 1 Race Car by Stuart Codling & James Mann
The Photographer’s Mind by Michael Freeman
The Ruins of Detroit by Yyves Marchand & Romain Meffre
????? what a great idea! I'm jealous, those look like they will have tons of great info!
????? · 2012-01-07: 10:29
danrav I admire your resolution, Helen! It looks like a great collection of books. You did a great job with the B&W illustrating your goal! Good Luck!!!! How is Lucy the kitty!
danrav · 2012-01-07: 10:52
mazpics Really great!! What a great resolution! :)
mazpics · 2012-01-07: 11:25
????? great idea... I have no time for reading such books now... (too much study)
ENJOY your reading, so!
????? · 2012-01-07: 13:09
lookagain Fantastic reading material, Helen! I am finishing up The Autobiography of Ansel Adams, and although it doesn't contain technical information, I still found it to be very inspirational! Enjoy your books!!
lookagain · 2012-01-07: 13:35
josy63 Beautiful and wise resolution Helen ! :))
josy63 · 2012-01-07: 15:00
miltonjacob lovely collection. i have to acquire (and read :) some this year!
miltonjacob · 2012-01-07: 15:33
Ryana Hehe, same here ... a lot of books ... unread ... yet! ;o)
You have some great ones!!
Ryana · 2012-01-07: 16:55
MoMac My daughter has quite a few photographic books too I should read a few of them too . I sketched ( posted it here Ted will confirm that ) a photograph once from an Ansel Adams book which my sister (elizzi)liked so much I gave it to her as a present evetually..
Great photo .
MoMac · 2012-01-07: 17:17
????? New year's resolution should be pleasurable, that's my new philosophy. Great choice! :)
????? · 2012-01-07: 20:58
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