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Keep calm and drink tea! (theme)

After several days of gloriously sunny weather it’s been grey and drizzly all day today so I decided to find something for today’s signs theme around the house. I didn’t have to look far as this mug of Kevin’s was sitting on the kitchen windowsill. This ‘Keep calm and carry on’ sign has become very popular in the UK in recent years and can be found emblazoned on all manner of objects in the shops. It was one of three signs which were designed in late 1939 to help boost morale during World War II. This particular one was never officially used as it was being saved for use in the event of Britain being invaded. As this never happened the posters were destroyed after the war and only became widely known when a bookseller discovered a forgotten copy in with a pile of books which were up for auction. It’s a wonderfully British saying and struck me as being the perfect sign for today’s theme, even if it is displayed in an unusual place!
mazpics I have one of these mugs!
mazpics · 2012-01-18: 16:48
danrav That is a great saying. I plan on using it! Nice shot for the theme, Helen!
danrav · 2012-01-18: 16:59
LAZYWASP Great shot for the theme...
LAZYWASP · 2012-01-18: 17:16
lookagain So that's where the "Keep Calm" slogans originally came from....I see those all over the internet, t-shirts, signs, etc., and there are many different endings aside from "and Carry On," which as you say is very British! Cool idea for the theme, Helen.....check out these variations! "Keep Calm and...."
lookagain · 2012-01-18: 18:04
mrmeliska Good choice...
mrmeliska · 2012-01-18: 18:23
Jarvo ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!! It's everywhere; I feel like I'm being stalked by it.
Jarvo · 2012-01-18: 20:33
JustmeG love the bright red!
JustmeG · 2012-01-18: 21:00
djnana Hard to believe that you got detail in a white cup in front of a white backdrop! Bright and brilliant!
djnana · 2012-01-18: 21:39
josy63 I did not know the origin of this slogan.
Original idea and photo :)
josy63 · 2012-01-19: 02:38
lukesmom I've seen this saying on items here in the U.S. as well. I agree, it's a wonderfully British saying and you've captured it well. Thanks for the history on it too!
lukesmom · 2012-01-19: 22:51
MoMac TFS I wonder if my daughter knows the history behind this slogan as I noticed she has used" Keep calm Drink tea "one on her profile photo
MoMac · 2012-01-20: 13:30
Ryana I love the mug!!
Ryana · 2012-01-22: 08:13
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