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Brighton in black and white

Brighton's West Pier looks a very sorry sight these days after storm and arson damage.
I found these stones tucked into one of the old railway sleepers which were being used as an edge for the walkway at the rear of the beach. I couldn't resist the wonderful texture created as the timber has weathered!
There were lots of gulls hovering above the Palace Pier, floating on the gusty wind. I love the way their wing feathers become translucent against the sky.
Have piano will travel!
This lady may have been unaware of my presence but the chap inside the coffee shop behind her had spotted me!
I do hope this chap's ice cream tasted good!
I decided to take the train to Brighton today for a little photography and window shopping, armed with only my camera and nifty-fifty lens. I spent a couple of hours walking along the beach and the Palace Pier. Considering the grey, drizzly weather the beach was remarkably busy and there were any number of people seeking thrills on the pier’s stomach turning rides. Once I’d had enough of the cold I headed back into the town centre in search of some candid street photography. I didn’t have to search too hard for characters to photograph. I found a man playing the piano in the street (complete with wheels so he could move it around) but I think my favourite face of the day was an elderly gentleman I found in the main shopping centre. He was so engrossed in the moment as he ate his ice cream that he was utterly oblivious to my presence.
Ryana All pictures are good, not doubt about that, however the picture that intrigues me most is the one of the man playing the piano. Not only the quality, but especially what I see in the image. How he sits, how he makes his seat higher, his fingerless gloves...
Ryana · 2012-02-18: 06:49
Eiram Wonderful set, Helen!
Eiram · 2012-02-18: 06:52
Annbramwell Fantastic collection of pictures, they work so well in B & W... love the pier, although it's more of an Island then a pier these days...
Annbramwell · 2012-02-18: 07:02
mazpics I LOVE this set. You have captured some amazing, unusual and beautiful scenes of lovely Brighton.
I have saved the gull to my faves!!!

mazpics · 2012-02-18: 07:05
helys Wow
Great street portraits,
Great characters,
Nice textures, angles
helys · 2012-02-18: 07:32
caroleagle Wow! What a wonderful set. How funny too, I decided to take the train to Chichester yesterday....
#3 is amazing.
caroleagle · 2012-02-18: 08:07
josy63 As you Helen, I prefer the last one. This elderly gentleman is so adorable locked into the world of the taste
josy63 · 2012-02-18: 08:21
JustmeG magical and interesting set :)
JustmeG · 2012-02-18: 08:26
mrmeliska Great candid shots....
mrmeliska · 2012-02-18: 08:32
jennyLit great set! love the B&W and the man looking out of the window in # 5
jennyLit · 2012-02-18: 09:09
danrav #4 & #6 to my faves. Oh the B&W and the street shots are fantastic, Helen. The piano player is priceless!
danrav · 2012-02-18: 09:26
MoMac great portraits. the piano player's stool looks quite precarious LOL!!!
MoMac · 2012-02-18: 09:56
mystic1 Those are so pricelss love them all
mystic1 · 2012-02-18: 10:46
maudlaurens J'aime beaucoup ce set en noir et blanc !! et les photos des personnes sont vraiment réussies ! J'aime la dame en noir qui lit son livre si intensément, elle aussi tellement prise par l'action de son livre, qu'elle ne voit pas que vous la prenez en photo !!
maudlaurens · 2012-02-18: 12:54
gonia I like your BW - nice to especially people, I like this man from last one.
gonia · 2012-02-19: 11:13
slowpete well taken set
slowpete · 2012-02-20: 01:22
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