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Lovely weather for ducks!

The London Wetland Centre is hosting the inaugural London Wild Bird Watch this weekend so, faced with one last day of holiday, I decided to go along and take a look around. After a quick stroll around the trade stands, where I largely managed to resist temptation, I attended a fascinating talk by naturalist and broadcaster Simon King before setting off to explore the centre’s wetlands. Sadly, after a sunny start, the rain had set in for the afternoon with some exceptionally heavy showers and rumbling thunder. Luckily I’d gone prepared, with suitable clothes and a waterproof cover for my camera, so nothing was going to stop me taking photos. The phrase ‘lovely weather for ducks’ felt completely appropriate for the conditions today, although I began to realise just how extreme the weather was when even the ducks and moorhens began seeking shelter under the picnic tables! Ultimately, from the 149 photos I took, I deleted half of them and only considered about twenty as possible candidates for editing. From those this one was the best of the bunch – at least it gives some impression of the weather I endured to capture it. I’ll just have to go back in better weather to have another try at capturing the unique variety of wildlife that lives at this haven in the city.
helys Wow
Great details of the feathers and ... the droplets
Clarity, sharpness
helys · 2012-04-20: 16:54
Kay Sad, that you didn't have more time (weather) to achieve more photos, but this one says so much. Wonderful.
Kay · 2012-04-20: 17:10
mazpics Great shot! What a cute duck! :) I should go and check out that wetland centre! Where is it?
mazpics · 2012-04-20: 17:16
lgnelson Great choice, Helen! I love the water drops on the duck and the water rings in the water.
lgnelson · 2012-04-20: 19:17
lookagain Wonderful capture....the crystal clear droplets on its back are amazing!!!
lookagain · 2012-04-20: 19:52
jennyLit awesome detail!
jennyLit · 2012-04-20: 20:05
danrav How beautiful. How cool.
danrav · 2012-04-20: 20:07
josy63 Beautiful illustration for this foul weather... But ducks and ground are happy of the water
josy63 · 2012-04-21: 00:28
Wasichseh Love the details!
Wasichseh · 2012-04-22: 16:41
CHOSSID Great shot! ripples, droplets on wiing...
CHOSSID · 2012-04-22: 17:02
djnana What a fantastic capture, Helen! All of its markings are so pretty AND the weather beads on its feathers are so perfect!
djnana · 2012-04-23: 20:03
Jarvo Super capture, made all the better by the little droplets sitting on it.
Jarvo · 2012-04-24: 16:33
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