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Rain, rain go away, (please don’t) come again another day!

These youngsters walking home from school didn't seem particularly worried about getting wet feet!
The best way to keep your feet dry if you're this young.
Some houses in Appledram Lane North were already four feet under water.
Alternative flood footwear - bare legs dry more quickly than shoes and socks!
The firemen were very cheery and were doing their best to distribute sandbags.
Sorting out the next load of sandbags.
The scene at 4 o'clock this afternoon - water levels are likely to get higher yet....
The main A27 trunk road as you rarely see it. It's likely to be closed for at least another twelve hours as the section west of here is flooded under several feet of water.
During the course of the last 24 hours this part of West Sussex has been deluged with a month’s worth of rain. Luckily our house hasn’t been badly affected (other than a slightly swampy back garden) but it took Kevin four attempts to drive out of our village on his way to work this morning. I was due to be working from home today in any case but by this afternoon I’d finished my work and had turned my thoughts to getting out of the house to buy some food as our cupboards were bare. The the main trunk road between here and Portsmouth was flooded to a depth of about four feet not far from here and has been closed all day. As a result all the traffic which would normally drive along the A27 had been diverted along the main road through our village. With that and all the other back routes chock full of traffic I decided I’d be better off walking to the supermarket.

I togged up in a waterproof and wellies and set off, with my camera safely wrapped up in a waterproof cover. As I reached the road to the rear of the supermarket I found complete chaos – the road and pavements were totally flooded and the fire brigade were out in force turning cars back and guiding pedestrians through the water. By walking straight down the middle of the road (the highest point) the water came up to just below the top of my wellies – had I walked anywhere else it would have been well over my knees! As I waded through the flood a lot of school children were on their way home, seemingly relishing the unusual conditions, despite getting very soggy feet and legs. However, I do feel for the people living nearby whose houses have been flooded. The firemen were great – taking care of everyone and making sure people were aware of the safest route through. By the time I’d done my shopping and set off on the return journey a large batch of sandbags had been delivered and they were setting about making sure they were distributed to the houses which were not yet flooded but were very much at risk. Sadly water levels are still rising as rain continues falling and more water flows downstream from the South Downs so I fear the worst is yet to come for the people living in this road.
tomie wow! impressive!!! it looks like Brittany :))
tomie · 2012-06-11: 13:38
karmankwarner Oh Gracious, here we are praying for Rain. . . .If it were only so easy as to take the extra water there and mail it to here. . . .
karmankwarner · 2012-06-11: 13:45
josy63 Impressive series Helen. Here, so certain places are in a worrisome situation.
Glad to know that your house isn't too many damages :)
josy63 · 2012-06-11: 13:55
Nellinka It looks really serious, but I like your cheerful attitude and presentation... praying for that area.
Nellinka · 2012-06-11: 14:25
va000119 oH Gosh...I wish it would stop raining if only for a little while, we`ve had quite a lot here too.
va000119 · 2012-06-11: 14:29
Ryana Helen, we have rain as well ... but oh dear ... not as bad as with you ... for now ...
Ryana · 2012-06-11: 14:53
pandka Great report!
pandka · 2012-06-11: 15:25
Eiram I hope it does not get much worse than this, Helen!
Eiram · 2012-06-11: 15:35
MoMac I'll wave a wand to clear this up !!! Too easy, hope your weather improves though.
What a great set of photographs you achieved I'm for no 4's solution.
MoMac · 2012-06-11: 17:01
Eileen Love that shot of the fireman carrying the sandbag - just right in every way!
Eileen · 2012-06-11: 18:55
danrav #2 to my faves. What a deluge!!!! Amazing weather these days.....
danrav · 2012-06-11: 20:31
liveandletlive WOW! These are such great shots Helen. It looks like all these people had to be aware that you were photographing them. And that didn't make you feel awkward?? I wish I had it in me to look someone straight in the face and take their photo but instead I try to "sneak." I hope that's the last of your rain for a while but really- AWESOME photos.
liveandletlive · 2012-06-11: 21:05
lgnelson Wow! Great reportage of a dramatic event! Hope all is well with you and Kevin.
lgnelson · 2012-06-11: 22:32
Latecomer but,but isn't it summer?
Latecomer · 2012-06-12: 02:20
Annbramwell Gosh, I thought we had it bad yesterday, but you guys had it worse, there were some localised floods in Bedford, but we are safe as our house is on higher ground... thank goodness... It looks like the ladies in No 1 & No 2 had the same wellies...
Annbramwell · 2012-06-12: 04:10
Jarvo Wow, I thought it was bad here, but we didn't get anything except a few big puddles. Absolutely super photos Helen. The first one reminded me of when I was a school kid on Canvey Island and we had a flood (not the famous one that killed about 50 people, but a smaller one about 20 years later) I remember as a failing miserably to sweep the water away with a broom until it all became too much to try.

Hope you all dry out OK.
Jarvo · 2012-06-12: 06:59
lookagain I noticed on Facebook that you were having some rather wet adventures here lately. This does NOT look like fun, but you've done a super job of capturing the "event."
lookagain · 2012-06-12: 10:00
NellyBly Very nice photo coverage...high water is so destructive..I'm sure the kids welcomed the change and challenge they way they do...We finally go some rain in the form of a thunderstorm..and, I had just given up and watered my roses really well..hope they are not too wet! Have buds again anyway.
NellyBly · 2012-06-12: 17:37
snowpie oooh, I hope it won't get this ugly with us...It is raining scince the day before yesterday! But great shots!
snowpie · 2012-06-13: 10:46
honzicek Great set! #2=amazing!
honzicek · 2012-06-17: 23:22
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