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rachel mvm
Joined September 19th, 2011

What do the eyes see or how do I see them?
Perceptions, interpretations, visions, photography.

"The camera can photograph thought." ~Dirk Bogarde

Let me share how I perceive the world around me; how I attempt to interweave, connect the dots and at times even disconnect the jumble of words and visual inspirations stamped in my photography blog.
I attempt neither too much nor too little, learning along the way and being fascinated by the process.

This is my time capsule.

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JustmeG · 2014-02-22: 00:23
thank you!
stormfish · 2014-02-20: 04:19
stormfish glad you like the music! EITS are probably the biggest musical revelation i had in the past 2 years... i love all of their stuff and would die to see them live. unfortunately, they don't seem to be too famous over here in europe... yet.

hope you are doing well. tokio treats you right? :-)
angil · 2014-02-14: 08:43
fascinating! these things are very delightful to look at!
Hello Rachel. Thank you for all your comments.
nynkeb · 2014-02-07: 08:19
hello...this is a lovely photo of you nynke.
Thanks so much! A wonderful weekend to you :)
SADHYA · 2014-02-03: 05:57
you captured the spirit of that moment very well!
I am glad that you feel that.
darfoster · 2014-02-02: 12:56
cool, magnificent and jaw-dropping beautiful! N10 goes to my faves!
Thanks so much for this honor!
darfoster · 2014-02-02: 12:37
enjoyed looking at each photo. it must be a hundred times more fun to be in the actual scene!
Thanks again, it was great, but very cold!
darfoster · 2014-02-02: 12:37
this artwork is really cool and it's awesome to be able to take photos of them because these sculptures do have an expiration date! :D
Thanks! As cold as it is up there they will last for a good long time unless they are plowed away!
angil · 2014-02-02: 10:55
the trees look whimsical!
You should see them in the evening, with all kinds of night noises coming from inside the forest. :-))
angil · 2014-02-02: 10:51
yeah, the wagon has quite a charming character to it. and those birds, they're so interesting!
These birds are totally crazy, and they made me laugh everytime I saw them. :-)