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shamballah · 2009-01-05: 11:47
shamballah hi david!
just took a trip to your blog and also
saw your pictures at photoboxgallery.
i am really impressed of these amazing landscape pictures.
thank you very much for sharing.
DancingDolphin · 2008-07-10: 21:35
DancingDolphin Thanks. It was several (about 50) 8 second exposures combined in Photoshop.

????? · 2008-05-10: 06:45
????? Thank you very much for the link i look forward to reading and absorbing what you have written, beware you may now get bombarded with silly questions now you have opened this can of worms :)
jet28 · 2008-01-17: 07:48
jet28 Thanks, I didn't realise it went for so long :-)
????? · 2007-11-09: 06:24
????? shhh.
i don't even know how to use the program haha.
all of my stitching attempts are really miserable.
????? · 2007-11-02: 07:35
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That's pretty nifty. How do you do these works? Are they entirely done on computer or partly done on paper and scanned? That's a tidy profit on the clock too ;)
sometimes i scan ideas/sketches and do the rest on the computer... but i usually just start from scratch on the computer. i use paint shop pro (because it's so much better than photoshop) and corel illustrator.

and thanks :)
????? · 2007-10-31: 07:49
????? really? i knew you could, photojournalists do it all the time.
well i guess it is kind of freaky if some random starts taking pictures of you with a camera, haha.
????? · 2007-10-24: 07:44
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Wow! Very impressive piece :)
????? · 2007-10-09: 08:05
????? Wow, that was just what I needed. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
????? · 2007-10-09: 07:09
????? Oh okay, that's great.
I'm pretty new to stitching.
Any tipssss?