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alison · 2010-12-20: 17:50
Yum! What are these?
They were cheese and spinach muffins - and they were very tasty!
????? · 2010-12-05: 10:21
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I LOVE the first shot. The fog gives the photo such a beautiful dreamlike quality. Very nice.
thank you so much, it weren't so dreamy though on my way out of the woods was getting dark and the crows were skwarking so it felt more like a nightmare and something out of a horror movie lol
joannelydia · 2010-12-04: 11:41
I keep seeing all of these pictures of snow and... I never thought I would say this but I am so jealous! I miss snow. December should not be 70 degrees!
ME TOO!!! i love seeing everyone's snow shots,but i miss it even more!! that was all we got in knoxville-looked like sea salt!
photodeclair · 2010-12-03: 13:55
This is a beautiful set and a message most people forget.
thank you very much for your nice comment
atszabo · 2010-12-03: 11:57
I really like the first photo. Very nicely done!
Thank you so much! It somehow reminded me of a painting...
adrianshot · 2010-12-03: 11:22
Beautiful. I love the shot of the seafoam
Thank you! =)
simonasquith365 · 2010-11-28: 17:16
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These are gorgeous! Especially the first and last. I would love to see some snow right now but no such luck :( I will have to live vicariously through photos I suppose.
Thanks for the comment appreciate it. I wish there had been more snow today cause the woodlands picture would have looked great with more snow and some sun shining through. I think there is going to be lots more snow in the coming weeks.
joannelydia · 2010-10-23: 11:44
I love this it is such a gorgeous shot! And what a great picture for fall time :)
joannelydia · 2010-10-17: 21:10
I am so torn when it comes to haunted house type things. I LOVE Halloween and all things creepy but I would rather be scared than startled and it always feels like that's what these are. Was this one any good?
i had NEVER been to one...so i don't really know if it was "good"! lol! they have "no touch" policies, so nobody grabs you,etc.i've heard people talk about some that allows the actors to grab and drag you...THAT would be super scary to me.
joannelydia · 2010-08-06: 22:05
Is the word DIET carved into its hat? Because if so I have never been more convinced not to diet in my life. Cool find but clowns always seem super creepy to me.
yes!!!lol!lol! diet!!! hahaha...and yes,that is a creepy painting to have at a park!