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Big part of my life…….

Since I was able to walk I was fascinated by motorcycles.
My father’s uncle had one red Jawa 250.
I remember when he took me for a ride. I was sitting sandwiched between him and his wife.
That was great! I mean it!
Later, when I was about ten years old my dad’s brother had a blue color CZ 175.
Over the winter he was leaving the motorcycle in our garage since he was living in an apartment in Prague and had no place to keep it.
I think that I was going to our garage to see the motorcycle every day.
When I was 14 years old I had my drivers licence for 50ccm motorcycles but I needed to wait to be 15 years old to be able to drive.
Problem was that I had nothing to drive and my parents would not buy me a motorcycle. No way!
In the summer that year I was visiting my grandparents in the country as I did every summer.
I was talking to my grandma about my “big” problem and before I vent back home she give me the money to buy a brand new motorcycle Jawa Mustang 50ccm. It was 3000 Czech Koruna.
I remember it as if it was yesterday.
Since that time I had ten motorcycles and even did some motorcycle racing and coaching.
It all seems to be very long time ago.
Well, this BMW F650 Funduro was my last motorcycle.
I sold it this weekend!
I had simply just lost the feeling for riding.
It is hard to explain, but this is it for me.
I had many good years on the motorcycle and I have many fun memories.
I don’t know if it is because I’m getting older or what.
I guess that I’m just moving on in my life…………
????? Wow, that's kind of sad, something that was such a big part of your life, and you have no desire to do it at all anymore? I hope you are at peace with it! It's a beautiful machine!
????? · 2011-04-11: 22:26
Patricia132 Gorgeous motorcycle; moving on and moving forward, all positive!
Patricia132 · 2011-04-11: 22:51
Keryl I understand - I did that with my snowmobile this year. 15 years of riding....done.
Keryl · 2011-04-11: 23:35
mallusatish Beautiful Bike and very touching,motorcycle are the best I have a Yamaha FZ5
mallusatish · 2011-04-11: 23:43
Eiram no...tady se říká motorkářům Pojízdné náhradní díly...přiznám se, že jsem šťastná, že moje děti tohle netáhne, je to strašně nebezpečné! Češi jezdí jako blázni...
Eiram · 2011-04-12: 05:07
stabeez Now. When the motorbikes come out we know that spring is here. Happy cruisin'.
stabeez · 2011-04-12: 07:32
Marzijapan I think you will miss it soon, my father had a motorbike when he was younger and he always says he would love a bike again. Nice bike :-)
Marzijapan · 2011-04-12: 17:09
beeacooker Feeling some sadness over the end of a lifelong passion is probably 'normal', but I'm sure with your many interests you will be a master in other areas as well. Enjoy life!
beeacooker · 2011-04-12: 21:37
liveandletlive Beautiful machine, nicely taken. It seems kind of sad to me too. Gymnastics was/is the great passion of my life. I still do gymnastics (not competitively, of course), but it is more painful than it used to be. Still, I can't give it up until the time comes when I am absolutely unable.
liveandletlive · 2011-04-12: 21:53
IShuttertoThink Maybe it's because the older we get, the more we realize the danger in things.
IShuttertoThink · 2011-04-12: 23:39
mystic1 Wow cool looks fun
mystic1 · 2011-04-13: 00:33
????? Is it sad for you? I didn't get that feeling... I think it's great that you know that you are moving on in life and have or will have other interests. Nice pic of a nice bike.
????? · 2011-04-13: 03:28
tomie sad story! i had the same youth in love with motorcycles and 14 years old I had my driver licence for 50ccm motorcycles, 18 years old for 125ccm ....i stopped for a time family and childrens was not compatible with, and 46 years old i had my licence for no limit ccm, then i bought honda 500ccm and now i've yamaha 1100 dragstar. i don't use it often oonly when weather is fine or to drive in the city...but the pleasure is still here!!!
i would never sell it even if i will not use to sell a member of family :)))
i'm sure you'll be back to motorcycle in time! it's a virus :))
tomie · 2011-04-13: 04:16
Ryana Yes, maybe it is just time to move on ... find new challenges.
Ryana · 2011-04-13: 07:57
RayNvb I didn't very little riding and never own one. But I really enjoyed! I'm getting to old for that trill now.
RayNvb · 2011-04-26: 06:24
PRICOON70 · 2011-05-02: 10:18
helys Nice big machine !
Have fun ... and take care of you :)
helys · 2011-05-11: 13:21
stefdunord Nice and well equipped, your Funduro!
stefdunord · 2011-08-23: 16:13
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