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Tatar beefsteak (My way!)

Tatar beefsteak in Paris
I can imagine that some of you will have hard time with this one.
Yes, it is a raw cow recipe.
Here is my story:
When I was about 8 years old I remember going shopping with my mom to Prague for Christmas.
On the way back home when we were waiting for a tramway to arrive my mom saw a sign in a deli store window cross the street that they just received beef of quality for Tatar beefsteak.
My mom asked me if I like to try something special for supper.
I knew that my mom (PB member janicka) was a very good cook so the decision was easy.
That evening I failed in love wit the uncooked cow and still today I really enjoy it.
We are lucky to have a farmer only 20 minutes from our place that we can thrust enough to purchase his beef to make this recipe.
I would have a hard time to purchase the meat in a regular store for this. I thing that it would be too risky.
We order the extra lean meat finely grinded (3 times) frozen and vacuum packed.
When we are ready to use it we just leave it out of the freezer for 6 hours and it is ready for preparation.
Eggs (Raw)
Salt and Pepper

Chop onion very fine
Chop garlic extra fine or make garlic paste
Mix all well together with the rest of the ingredients
Adjust amounts of spices to your taste.
I’m also using Worchester sauce (not on the photo)
Keep in the refrigerator until served
I toast my rye bread in a frying pan on a duck fat (that’s the best way), but you can simply use a toaster.
Someone prefers to serve the meat and bread on separate dishes and everyone is serving them self’s.
That’s the way my girlfriend (PB member LisaMarieGeorge) and I enjoying it.
Someone likes to have it all ready on the bread and someone likes to have the meat in the middle of the dish with all the ingredients surrounding it and they doing the mixing them self’s right at the table.
There is many ways to do it.
I had a Tatar beefsteak in Paris this spring and it was amazing!

How do you feel about it? I like to know……

beeacooker You are right, I wouldn't trust eating raw ground beef from the local supermarket. However, if I'm absolutely sure it is from a safe source, I wouldn't mind giving it a try. I'm (almost!) always game to try something at least once!
beeacooker · 2011-09-25: 01:40
Andrealolita Thanks for your sharing! I feel hungry!
Andrealolita · 2011-09-25: 02:09
breizh Yesterday evening I was out to dinner with a friend, he also took a steak tartare.
I prefer beef meat grilled "juste à point"
Bon appétit !...
breizh · 2011-09-25: 03:31
stefdunord Nearly the Belgian way, who could have thought it !
stefdunord · 2011-09-25: 04:49
stabeez It looks like an interesting meal.
Sounds pretty good too.
But I have to feel,
I'll still need a barbeque.
stabeez · 2011-09-25: 09:32
Yves51 i see you`ve ben cooking great set..P.S i like my meat cooked!!!
Yves51 · 2011-09-25: 10:48
atszabo A great delicacy I enjoyed a lot in my youth in Hungary! Yummie!
atszabo · 2011-09-25: 22:38
lmxg2011 wow looks great
lmxg2011 · 2011-09-25: 23:49
Davorka Thanks for your sharing! I'm just hungry now! :))
Davorka · 2011-09-26: 01:20
stefdunord Called in France "Steack Américain", ou aussi Steack "TaRtare" (even if there's French's sauce inside). You come when U want ;)
stefdunord · 2011-09-26: 02:22
Keryl Interesting comments.
I ate this as a mother worked for a butcher.
I can't recall a single childhood illness that required antibiotics either.
Keryl · 2011-09-26: 22:43
IShuttertoThink As a kid, we raised our own meat, and I would always steal a pinch or two of raw hamburger. I loved it (wouldn't do it today, and ours wasn't full of all that fat). I used to eat raw steak, too. To this day, if my steak isn't pretty pink, I figure, what's the point in eating it?
IShuttertoThink · 2011-09-29: 02:37
Eiram starej dobrej tataráček:)
Eiram · 2012-10-04: 06:24
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