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Fun with names....!

My grandfather Jan
My father Jan
This is me...Jan!
My mom Jana
Well, here is the story about a name.
My grandpa given name was Jan. My dad’s given name is Jan and also my name is Jan.
Hans is just the German version of the same name that I’m using since I was in Austria before coming to Canada years ago.
Now listen this crazy thing…… even my mother’s given name is Jana and that is simple just a feminine version of the….yes you got it….Jan.
You can understand that I needed to use some imagination when we were about to name our kids.
We printed one thousand names from the internet. One copy for me and one for mom.
We had each separately chosen five names. Amazingly we picked two of the same names for our boy and two years later we did the same for our girl and again….two same names chosen out of one thousand!!!
For our son we had Jacob and Elliot and for my daughter Melanie and Rebecca.
Well that’s the story of given names in our family…….
…oh yeah, we picked Elliot and Rebecca.
darfoster Interesting post! And you didn't want Jan and Jana for your children? Imagine that!
darfoster · 2012-03-27: 23:21
DancingDolphin That is incredible that you would pick 2 the same from 1000 names!!! Great edits on your family photos!
DancingDolphin · 2012-03-27: 23:51
mallusatish Jan and jana are great names,your great grandfather and grandfather were right,My great grandfather my brother and my son have the same name chenna (Beautiful or nice) and Elliot and Rebecca are also wonderful names
mallusatish · 2012-03-27: 23:51
beeacooker How funny and what a coincidence of names! And you didn't want to continue the tradition like a line of kings!?
beeacooker · 2012-03-28: 00:19
atszabo Jan is a very nice name, I would keep using it, if I were you...and i will keep calling you Jan, too, if you do not mind!
atszabo · 2012-03-28: 00:46
lmxg2011 wow this is just fantastic in every way my friend well done
lmxg2011 · 2012-03-28: 01:57
Annbramwell Jan is a good name, our son is called John, the English variation of it, my fathers second name is John, his fathers name was John, and my mother's fathers name was John, his father was Johannes, the Swedish variation of it.. so many John's, it must be good... great photos... very Andy Warhol-esque!
Annbramwell · 2012-03-28: 02:18
tomie great work with family portraits! Jan :))
tomie · 2012-03-28: 03:08
????? it's all in the family, what a great story!
????? · 2012-03-28: 10:30
jennyLit Great story!!! It's amazing u picked the same names!
jennyLit · 2012-03-28: 13:51
stabeez Hmmmm. Interesting post. I wonder what your Grandkid's names will be.
stabeez · 2012-03-28: 15:20
gonia Jan was and now is coming to be fashion in Poland.My grandfather was Jan, my uncle was Jan. Also some aunties was Janina / this female name of male name Jan in Poland/. I like polish shot of Jan - Jaś. greetings!
gonia · 2012-03-28: 16:09
Eiram Czechs are so conservative when it comes to names: we all have names like Jan,Martin,Jana,Hana,Eva,Marie:)))
Great story!
Eiram · 2012-03-28: 16:32
Yves51 awesome set great story JAN........
Yves51 · 2012-03-28: 17:41
LisaMarieGeorge Nice story!
LisaMarieGeorge · 2012-03-28: 19:41
MoMac Lovely edits to your interesting family names
MoMac · 2012-03-29: 04:33
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