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Don’t try to stop the time….

When I was 9 years old my dad was working in East Germany. He worked there four weeks and was at home with us for one week. He did this for two years. At that time he bought our first black and white television for us to have some fun when he was away. It was amazing! Our own TV! I remember watching ABBA, Mobidic, Niki Lauda, Ein Kessel Buntes and other stuff that was on in those days.
The photo is of our old radio and the famous first TV. The radio had a gramophone under the top cover and it was for sure older than me. I thing that the TV screen is about the size of my computer screen today…
My mom needed to call often the TV repair man to come and change some lamps or adjust the image. It was a part of the TV experience in those days.
Patricia132 Love this shot .... so vintage; a moment in time!
Patricia132 · 2012-03-29: 23:43
mallusatish Lovely post~!~
mallusatish · 2012-03-30: 00:41
DancingDolphin Do you still have them?? How cool... great story as well as photo!
DancingDolphin · 2012-03-30: 00:44
lmxg2011 wow great shot
lmxg2011 · 2012-03-30: 01:25
Annbramwell My Dad still has a radio that looks very similar to that one... this photo brings back memories of our first TV, there was no such thing as a remote control then, in fact, being the youngest, I think I was the remote control... I was always being told to turn it up or down, or to adjust something...
Annbramwell · 2012-03-30: 03:24
tomie great picture! so sweet memory...i likes picture of this times!
tomie · 2012-03-30: 04:41
maudlaurens J'ai un sourire tendre en voyant ces photos !! j'ai connu cela aussi !! le plaisir d'avoir le poste de TV en noir et blanc et une chaine !!
Nous étions fiers, et on regardait les antennes sur les toits des maisons, pour savoir qui avait aussi la TV !!! Merci pour ce doux souvenir !
maudlaurens · 2012-03-30: 04:50
MoMac As ann mentioned and no remote control you had to get up off your seat to change channels. Well at least that was some kind of exercise not like the nowadays where you only exercise your fingers!!!
great memory TFS..
MoMac · 2012-03-30: 05:03
stabeez I remember a comparable TV in our house and only one channel.
stabeez · 2012-03-30: 07:53
bumpusdogs wow, this shot really brought back memories, nice work! :)
bumpusdogs · 2012-03-30: 08:52
jennyLit great shot!
jennyLit · 2012-03-30: 17:00
Yves51 nice B&W...
Yves51 · 2012-03-30: 19:53
Eiram Jo,jo, vzpomínám...Ein Kessel buntes:)) A Záhada hlavolamu!
Eiram · 2012-03-31: 07:53
helys Great vintages !
Thanks for sharing
helys · 2012-03-31: 11:41
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