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He would love you too...

1- with half of his grandchildren (taken by my sister Cathy)...
2- 3 out of his 6 kids...
3- 3 generations...
4- young handsome guy with a friend...
5 am again... can't get asleep...
Patty's post for her father touched me a lot, one of the reasons is that mine's birthday is today 22nd.... he's with my mum since may 05...
He would sing for you, tell jokes and smile, and love most of you too (women first :)) )
Here is my dad

PS: Please don't ask who is that big girl between the twin boys on his lap !!!! :))
vollenda I love that first shot. All those cute smiling faces. Your dad was very handsome. I think you must have been the apple of his eye. Just look at the love as he looks at you. :) Wonderful post, Jen. Thanks for sharing.
vollenda · 2007-06-21: 23:41
lamoon53 Love his smile and the sparkle in his eyes. He shared that with you and your siblings, too. Lovely family.
lamoon53 · 2007-06-21: 23:42
Carley Ahhhhh....I think I see where you got that wonderful smile and sparkle! Your Dad looks like such a kind and loving man.... Vollenda is right about how he is looking at you with so much love! I especially like the last picture.... It feels like he is right there talking. I still remember the first years after my dad died...... It took about 5 years before I could enjoy the day of his birthday and the remembrance of him and not spend it grieving. I hope that time comes for you too!.
Carley · 2007-06-22: 00:17
JacquesR Photos et souvenirs très émouvants.
Nous l'aimons aussi ton père.
"Love is all we need".
JacquesR · 2007-06-22: 02:08
anwarfahmi wow. i can feel the warmth.
anwarfahmi · 2007-06-22: 05:53
nadoune De belles photos de familles très èmouvantes j'adore cette serie!bisous à toi JEN!! et pour la dernière photo de ton papa(PAIX )#5!!
nadoune · 2007-06-22: 07:10
Mabi938 Très touchant. Bises.
Mabi938 · 2007-06-22: 07:56
MidsummerSilence Jen - these are amazing. You can feel your emotion and love through your words, as well as feel your father's wonderful attitude and presence. Happy Birthday to you Father. Much love to you!
MidsummerSilence · 2007-06-22: 08:08
jet28 Such a moving post ...
jet28 · 2007-06-22: 08:23
aimeric jendayee, sweet baby ... lol
merci pour le partage de papa
aimeric · 2007-06-22: 08:40
mimax2 thanks for sharing! beautiful set.
mimax2 · 2007-06-22: 08:48
????? lovely set.
????? · 2007-06-22: 09:00
SheriJ WOW Super!! So much emotion!! This is truly a heart felt post!! Great Great great!!
SheriJ · 2007-06-22: 10:24
domino Happy birthday!!!
domino · 2007-06-22: 11:07
emmetan first of all, happy belated the 1st one...and that little girl.... is you?
emmetan · 2007-06-22: 11:59
t2d4th Wonderful set. Great memories.
t2d4th · 2007-06-22: 14:06
????? Happy Birthday to your father too:)
I love the whole set, all make me smile and I agree about you got a wonderful smile from your dad. Thank you for sharing with us Jen
????? · 2007-06-22: 14:33
maharba Merci...beautiful family.
maharba · 2007-06-22: 16:00
domelia Tendres pensées
domelia · 2007-06-22: 17:44
anniepie Beautiful set, Happy Birthday to your Dad
anniepie · 2007-06-22: 18:10
storytaylor oh so beautiful.fantastic family.amazing colors.Happy Birthay
storytaylor · 2007-06-22: 18:28
magpy what a beautiful family!
magpy · 2007-06-22: 18:53
domelia Sur la 2ème photo il y a un garçon qui regarde les cuisses de la fille qui ont l'air de l'embarrasser... non ?
domelia · 2007-06-22: 19:12
LisetteT Bel hommage en l'honneur de ton père. Il m'a l'air bien sympathique.
Happy Birthday.
LisetteT · 2007-06-22: 21:20
miclaud Silence... on pense....
miclaud · 2007-06-22: 22:56
longimanus He is a happy and lucky man! Love the last shot!
Happy birthday!
longimanus · 2007-06-23: 03:12
CatsEyes "There was a boy, a very strange enchanted boy, they said he wandered very far, very far, over land and sea".... "The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in retun".
Very far he may be, very close to our hearts he is.
Happy Birthday Father!
CatsEyes · 2007-06-25: 18:20
tcalbaz these are so cool. wonderful photos
tcalbaz · 2007-06-27: 03:46
Yanko This is great! Tks for sharing!
Yanko · 2007-06-29: 12:04
gagmaba Very emotional photos, thanks for sharing!
gagmaba · 2007-07-01: 18:40
soniarosario lovely set
soniarosario · 2007-07-29: 07:33
Nayah Très beau post! On voit la ressemblance! :) La chance d'avoir des photos comme la 2 et la 4! Et la première avec la grimace de la petite est trop chouette! :)
Nayah · 2011-06-23: 18:46
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