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Day at the Park

i'm coming mom! did ya see me get wet! did ya?
Hi mom! i'm dancing in the water!
splish splash!
look at me! i'm running in the water!
my husband wanting to go postal on this kid so badly!
Yesterday we went to the water park... The first 4 shots are of my daughter Arabella having a blast(until she fell and scraped up her knee pretty bad. After that she just wanted to go home.. luckily that was at the end of the day.)
#5 is of my husband James(please take note of the expression on his face as well as the demeanor of the kid on the left and the overall mood of the shot) trying to keep his cool after being SOAKED by the kid looking down in guilt. i feel that this photo needs a backstory to it so my husband isn't portrayed as a crazy person haha here it is ..
James is in general a very calm amiable person who usually gets on well with everyone he meets. Years of being in the marines though has caused him to develop a slight quick draw temper in certain situations haha.
After a long day at this park where we encountered crowds of the most rude and inconsiderate people we have have come across (adults and children alike) we were both liable to snap at any point. This kid saw James dressed in regular clothes, not a bathing suit, and saw he was trying to stay as dry as possible while playing with Bella and this kid ran and kicked the fountain of water right at James leaving him soaked to the bone! Now i found it hilarious but knew from past experience this was one of those situations that would drive James through the roof... To my proud amazement and to the luck of that kid he kept his cool and walked away with only a slight deathly stare...after all was in a kids water park and shouldn't have expected to remain dry.

lesson learned: wear a bathing suit to a water park.. just in case
Yves51 sorry about your daugther and you hubby well get over it he`s the biger boy haha!!
nice set..
Yves51 · 2011-09-04: 15:09
Eiram Looks like a day to remember:) Wonderful shots!!!
Eiram · 2011-09-04: 15:55
Marzijapan · 2011-09-04: 16:31
lookagain Sometimes misbehaving kids at places like this can be so annoying....James' body language is very telling ;)) Really cute shots of Bella....she's having a blast!
lookagain · 2011-09-04: 17:14
unblinkingeye Very cute:) Good choice b&w!
unblinkingeye · 2011-09-04: 20:36
MARETKA88 precious the last and the lesson learned
MARETKA88 · 2011-09-04: 22:18
breizh That is very nice set ! And a nice comment ... Cute Arabella ! and James is so cool ...
breizh · 2011-09-05: 04:00
tomie great happiness with water!
tomie · 2011-09-05: 05:47
????? Funny story!
????? · 2011-09-05: 08:04
atszabo It was an amusing set, Jenny! That last shot just speaks volumes, doesn't it?
atszabo · 2011-09-05: 10:56
LAZYWASP The last shot could be retitled..."Expletive deleted"
LAZYWASP · 2011-09-05: 16:50
liveandletlive Lol! Great shots of little Bella and amusing story about James Jen! Wish it was bigger so we could see Jame's expression a little better. I'm assuming it's something like the look my dad used to get.
liveandletlive · 2011-09-05: 21:00
Annbramwell Great story, My John loves playing in those water parks too, and I can sympathisize with James as we have also been in that situation before... Sometimes it is just easier to give it up and just get wet anyway, cos you know it is going to happen...
Annbramwell · 2011-09-06: 07:52
????? Fantastic Set Jenny...
I especially like this ...
black and white.
????? · 2011-09-06: 10:08
dreamie Cool set, love the story. Although I don't know if I stayed cool in such situation ;) I think I'd have a chat with this kid's parents!
dreamie · 2011-09-14: 02:16
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