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Theme Day - Reflection

Seaplane jetty at Strahan,,,,more than just a reflecting image.
I had a few clever ideas for this week's Theme Day, so clever in fact, I never got around to doing what I had planned.

This photo is more than just a reflection image, it is also a reflection,,,,back to a trip we did to Tasmania in February 1994. The trip was our first trip to Tasmania, and the photo shows a seaplane at it's jetty at Strahan, on west coast. Strahan, is the gateway to the unspoilt wilderness, and the magic of Macquarie Harbour and the Gordon River. I did have a flight on this small seaplane, which took us over ranges, with a landing, upstream at Sir John falls. It was magnificent, the views, the crisp, clean air, a real experience. While at Strahan, we did a day cruise along the Gordon River, to Heritage Landing, which at the time, was as far up the Gordon River, cruise boats were permitted. The concern was, the wake from the cruisers, would wash away the shoreline. I don't know if this is still the case.
The beauty of this wilderness, is such, that once you have seen it,,,,,you never, ever, forget. I am sure that a few of our fellow PhotoBloggers, that have been to Tasmania, Strahan, and up the Gordon River,,,will agree.
I am certain, there are other places around the world, with similar beauty, that have had an impact on those that go,,,,to take it all in.
The "Reflection" of this, and subsequent trips to Tasmania,,,,are,,and will foverer be etched in my mind
nasser very beautiful i love it!
nasser · 2007-10-15: 00:37
Maxine Nice! I went to Tassie in about 1979 :)
Maxine · 2007-10-15: 01:52
angeldevil1980 Gorgeous Photo
angeldevil1980 · 2007-10-15: 01:56
jet28 Great post for the theme! It's lovely to remember past journeys.
I loved Strahan - we were there earlier this year.
jet28 · 2007-10-15: 03:12
domino nice photo!
domino · 2007-10-15: 04:35
gillas3 Hi . nice reflection .
gillas3 · 2007-10-15: 06:22
photopoet Beautiful photo and thanks for sharing the reflection.
photopoet · 2007-10-15: 07:36
rolpa Brings back the memories, although I never flew there. Nice one.
rolpa · 2007-10-15: 08:01
slowpete great post for the theme
sounds like an awesome trip?

slowpete · 2007-10-15: 08:56
maryamrs so beautiful shot... & please put your other ideas when you done them !
maryamrs · 2007-10-15: 10:21
Cherax Tasmania, a wonderful place. We did the Gordon cruise early this year, and they keep the boats to a respectable pace up the river, with no perceptible damage to the shores. Going back there on the Blackbird one day. For sure!
Cherax · 2007-10-16: 06:15
SheriJ WOW awesome shot!! great memories too!!
SheriJ · 2007-10-16: 08:46
????? really nice photo : )
????? · 2007-10-19: 01:07
Richard Great shot, great reflection and great plane, always had a fasination with boat-planes.
Richard · 2007-10-21: 07:37
Richard (have you seen these)
Richard · 2007-10-21: 07:40
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