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P365_58 The Marquess of Anglesey

Early start to the Menai Straits, hoping for a decent sun rise......what a difficult place to shoot, loads of shadows and set down below the mainland and island!

Binned loads of stuff, ice and snow on the beach....just not happy with the light.

Taliking to a local, he suggested a trip up the Mrquess column near Llanfair PG......this is part of the shoot. Again the Craneddau and Gyderau mountains were looking lovely in their coating of snow, but that was shooting straight at the sun!!!

Nonetheless, it was a great morning to be be out in such a great location :)
pandka Fantastic set!
pandka · 2010-01-09: 06:20
SADHYA It certainly paid off. I have never been up this statue, but I realised yesterday that it was in some of my shots across the Straits and now wish that I had pointed that out as it would have tied in with your pictures of today.
Now I'm off up the hill.
By the way, the first shot, with Plas Newydd is absolutely lovely. We ought to go into postcard production.
SADHYA · 2010-01-09: 06:20
BwannaDon Great set and a beautiful place. I read up a bit on the Marquess. Interesting!
BwannaDon · 2010-01-09: 08:47
lynnsgallery2 WOW!!! I absolutely love the first shot...and the rest are fantastic...a truly beautiful place to shoot :))
lynnsgallery2 · 2010-01-09: 09:07
lookagain Oh my!!! I think these are fantastic! I really like the light on the pedestal in #2 and the sun and flare in the last one - quite effective.
lookagain · 2010-01-09: 09:26
onlyricky waw!
Very good!
that lake is amazing! You could take the pics from a nice place to show the beauty!
I also think 3# shot has a nice angle!
onlyricky · 2010-01-09: 09:50
Saipanhohhot the first one is simply amazing. I have never visited North Wales but I will have to now.
Saipanhohhot · 2010-01-09: 10:00
hannamagnusson Wonderful set!
I like the perspectives and the views are beautiful!
hannamagnusson · 2010-01-09: 10:24
soubhagya The sun is good. Like 2nd shot.. good use of perspective, and that thin stream of golden light takes the image to a different level.
soubhagya · 2010-01-09: 10:38
atszabo My favorite here is the third shot for its golden light and unusual angle. Cool!
atszabo · 2010-01-09: 10:42
farideh Fantastic shots.
farideh · 2010-01-09: 11:54
NellyBly These are magnificent shots, good use of the sun after all :-)
NellyBly · 2010-01-09: 12:52
justgood 1 and 4 are sooo beautiful!
justgood · 2010-01-09: 14:25
tracyseeger You did a great job. You have two beautiful landscapes, and three very interesting monument shots.
tracyseeger · 2010-01-09: 14:50
photogp Nice set, I like the first one, it's very beautiful!
photogp · 2010-01-09: 15:26
DancingDolphin Pretty place all right... I like that last shot directly into the sun!
DancingDolphin · 2010-01-09: 17:47
kenzshots fav #3, great angle and light....
kenzshots · 2010-01-09: 18:45
noptek Wonderful landscapes. Great angle in 3
noptek · 2010-01-10: 10:59
MouseholeKit Excellent set, glad Sadhya pointed out Plas Newydd, haven't been there for almost 30 years!
MouseholeKit · 2010-01-10: 11:42
jennye beautiful shots!!
jennye · 2010-01-10: 15:06
????? 1# wooooooooooooooooow :---O
????? · 2010-01-10: 16:05
tagastar loved #5
tagastar · 2010-01-11: 13:57
????? wow, fantastic shots, wonderful views, and great lighting on the statue close up!! neat b/w too!
????? · 2010-01-12: 14:18
mystic1 Lots of interesting shots, love all the angles and the reporatage
mystic1 · 2010-01-12: 16:07
YUKJA Beautiful set. The last is superb!
YUKJA · 2010-01-14: 04:35
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