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P365_109 Conwy Bridges, early morning

Dawn on a still spring (yes its March, wahooo) morning and lovely soft light.

I wanted to capture the two road bridges at Conwy from a sharp angle and perspective in a soft gentle light......this meant hanging onto the coping for dear life, back to the traffic for the suspension bridge shot!!!

The suspension bridge is a Grade I listed structure under the care of The National Trust and built around 1822 by Thomas Telford and is thought to be one of the earliest "modern" suspension bridges in the world.

The structure is a single-span suspension bridge of 99m in length which crosses the river Conwy immediately alongside Conwy Castle.

Each of the bridge’s supporting pillars is in the form of twin battlemented towers with central gateway, to harmonize with the castle.

The access gates to this bridge are exactly of the fanned lattice bar type that I posted yesterday for Menai supsension bridge, that too being the work of Telford.

The more recent road bridge with the curved single span was constructed in 1958.

A great way to start the day....its great to be out and about again. Thanks for all the "get well" messages :))

borogovoi nice pictures....have a great week...
borogovoi · 2010-03-01: 17:20
tomie awesome!
tomie · 2010-03-01: 18:04
kenzshots great shots john, and the commentries you write are always of interest...
kenzshots · 2010-03-01: 19:28
RayNvb Worth your risk! Nice shots. That Telford guy did some nice work.
RayNvb · 2010-03-01: 19:43
mystic1 Ohhh yea love this whole set

Good reportage
mystic1 · 2010-03-01: 19:57
BwannaDon Very handsome! It is so curious that these are so close to one another. Bridges and Castles together!!
BwannaDon · 2010-03-01: 20:58
josejacob nice shots, hope to visit these places some day
josejacob · 2010-03-01: 21:06
djnana Both bridges are quite interesting - one with the graceful swooping lines along the top and the other with the arc below! As always, just perfect!
djnana · 2010-03-01: 21:14
curlyq60 ..absolutely gorgeous !
curlyq60 · 2010-03-01: 21:56
soubhagya This is cool ! I like the 2nd shot better! Maybe a close up of the "twin battlemented towers" we could see?
soubhagya · 2010-03-01: 22:33
atszabo The bridges are beautiful and so is the light, but THE CASTLE, that is just straight out of a fairy tale!
atszabo · 2010-03-02: 02:49
lookagain Oh, these are just fantastic images, John....and you caught the light perfectly! #2 went to my Favs....
lookagain · 2010-03-02: 08:11
SADHYA Great shots John. You are back on form.
SADHYA · 2010-03-02: 12:53
tracyseeger I really like the composition of #1, the sharp angle of the bridge neatly leads the eye to the castle, and then down to the boats. Very nice. I didn't know you had been ill, but glad to hear you are feeling better :)
tracyseeger · 2010-03-02: 12:54
onlyricky Do you get to see that castle many times?
It looks really great!
Glad you're good now! ;)
onlyricky · 2010-03-02: 14:03
????? Brilliant pictures!
????? · 2010-03-02: 16:35
lynnsgallery2 WOW!!! I love them...stunning bridges and you captured them perfectly :))
lynnsgallery2 · 2010-03-02: 18:54
pandka Beautiful shots!
pandka · 2010-03-03: 05:58
flamee Great shots - excellent!
flamee · 2010-03-04: 13:39
YUKJA Wow! Great composition! Love #2!
YUKJA · 2010-03-07: 15:34
????? great shots!! Always fun if you have to nearly break your neck to get a shot, i love having to do that, makes it more interesting and fun ;-)))
????? · 2010-03-09: 17:14
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