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For "G"

Gloria (Katlover) suggested I crop a bit tighter. I am no "cropper" but here it is and I like it.
Thank you!
Gonna be away for a couple of days (heading to Delaware). Have my macbook pro with me so I may be able to post something...

Shot in Studio. White Background.
Handheld, Nikon D700, Manual white balance off gray card, Manual exposure @ 1/160th F9.0, ISO 400, 3 pocket wizards. Multiple studio flashes Processed in LR3 exclusively.
MUA: (Make Up Artist), Jewelry, and clothing: Mz. Nadi

PLEASE DO NOT, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE DOWNLOAD THIS IMAGE FOR ANY REASON WITHOUT MY EXPRESSED PERMISSION. Doing so without my permission will see you prosecuted to the fullest extent allowable by law. I've never stated that before in any previous posts but I have to state it here for this, and future model shots as I own the signed model releases for ALL the models, but especially Karen, who is a MINOR. Thank you.
Yves51 still a great portrait...
Yves51 · 2011-12-19: 19:23
????? this is beautiful!!
????? · 2011-12-19: 19:32
JustmeG ahhh...J! I'm touched! you didnt have to do that, but since you did...I stand by what I said...she is BEAUTIFUL! You are a great cropping it, you put more focus on her incredible skin tone, her magnificent eyes and not to mention that rich shade of turquoise looks fabulous on her as well...Keep up the super work J!
JustmeG · 2011-12-19: 21:16
digitalideas great portrait
digitalideas · 2011-12-19: 21:21
giancaf very nice portrait,I like the deep look
giancaf · 2011-12-20: 02:01
djnana Yes, it puts more of the emphasis on her face! She is remarkably beautiful and your shot is really well-presented! How could you possible get a poor result with her?
djnana · 2011-12-20: 11:37
biskayne "G" of Great!
biskayne · 2011-12-20: 12:57
LotusFlower Gorgeous!!!
LotusFlower · 2011-12-20: 14:48
breizh That's very well done !
Gloria is an expert ...
You would have to put a great Copyright to prevent from downloadind and do not write her firstname . Be careful !
breizh · 2012-01-05: 16:48
????? great portrait
????? · 2012-01-06: 16:03
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