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Tranches de vie / Slices of life

Ce n'est pas le temps qui passe, c'est nous...

It’s not the time who goes by, it’s us...

TEOMONTANA I love the progression of years in this set,perfect in BW,and makes my mind think back to my own "slices of life"!
Love your words and title!
TEOMONTANA · 2014-04-23: 00:36
EvaLizette Wonderful B&W that makes you think of those small good things in life :) Love this
EvaLizette · 2014-04-23: 03:15
marilynx Perfect B&W presentation - how does that guy do that in #2?
marilynx · 2014-04-23: 03:58
tomie Une très belle série! j'aime surtout la 1 ( une merveilleuse lumière naturelle) et la dernière que je garde! :)
tomie · 2014-04-23: 05:32
angil Three generations, three ways of interacting with the world, three eye-openers, three beautiful images, three great examples how light should be treated in photography and finally I can relate a lot with #2 because that's one of the postures I do in Yoga. :-))
angil · 2014-04-23: 06:19
armando "Le jour est en face de moi en attente d'être ce que je veux. Et je suis là, le sculpteur qui peut donner forme à ce jour."
Albert Einstein.
armando · 2014-04-23: 06:42
camilleauteuil Voilà quelque chose que je peux applaudir sans la moindre réserve ! Tout est beau - les photos -, tout est juste - les mots. Pour parachever le tout, la citation d'Armando !
camilleauteuil · 2014-04-23: 08:01
noptek De magnifiques images très bien éclairées et composées. Une illustration des trois âges de l'être humain. L'énigme du Sphinx en rébus !!
noptek · 2014-04-23: 12:54
rmjannette these are all such exquisite moments in life. just magical the way you've captured them, from the outside looking in yet they feel so intimate.
rmjannette · 2014-04-23: 13:29
unreal These pictures give us the license to observe. We are invited. People involved in daily routines. A room in the park of life. Drama, joy, mystery. You give us enough distance to imagine. Reality or fiction? Time passes there, here, everywhere. It is an odor a sound of voyage.
unreal · 2014-04-23: 15:46
stormfish very true, and well depicted here. i love the way how you tell a story with odds and ends in a few shots and words. i don't even think time exists... we made it up to feel less lonely.
stormfish · 2014-04-23: 16:06
leanderthal I love how you put this. Each so very relaxed and at ease with themselves-what I especially love is through the journey the human form has remained supple, which indicates they have gone by well. Beautifully done, Josy and I will keep #2.
leanderthal · 2014-04-23: 16:31
JustmeG How wonderful this set is! especially the little angel sitting in the grass ;))
JustmeG · 2014-04-24: 19:13
DancingDolphin A really lovely sequence, Josy...
DancingDolphin · 2014-04-24: 20:11
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