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Tranches de vie / Slices of life

clicclac Beaux N&B. Bonne journée.
clicclac · 2014-11-04: 02:16
TEOMONTANA Lovely BWs,two who choose to watch the world go by,and two who are going out to get the world. A beautiful balance of slices of life... ;)
TEOMONTANA · 2014-11-04: 02:19
tomie Beaux N&B! J'aime surtout la dernière.
tomie · 2014-11-04: 02:20
borogovoi Great B&W ... so nicely done !!!
borogovoi · 2014-11-04: 03:11
anggrekfoto nice shot.
anggrekfoto · 2014-11-04: 06:23
SADHYA Beautiful classic shots Josy. There is a wonderful quality to them.
SADHYA · 2014-11-04: 07:09
marilynx Perfect finesse! :-)
marilynx · 2014-11-04: 07:24
skmarar Moments from life... great captures, Jossy :)
skmarar · 2014-11-04: 09:00
angil First of all, love the title. Two people watch the world passing by (perhaps because it's already time to relax and let others be in a rush) while other two take active part in it going to proselytize more souls to a flock they think it's the right one.
angil · 2014-11-04: 09:38
Tulip C est tellement bien fait et bien presente.ton post.
Tu sais regarder les gens lesquels savent regarder ...!!!.....
Tulip · 2014-11-04: 11:17
noptek Deux hommes âgés assis sur un banc, deux religieuses qui marchent avec une valise, les deux images sont magnifiques. Un rapport entre les deux, un message ?
noptek · 2014-11-04: 13:29
Francesc21 I love urban people, great captures, different work, but great again
Francesc21 · 2014-11-05: 14:28
JustmeG beautifully captured and delicate slices! ;)
JustmeG · 2014-11-05: 18:29
armando De magnifiques photos, comme toujours.
Thème fantastique. Très bon, très bon!
armando · 2014-11-06: 10:01
armando Je vais mettre en favoris, la première photo.
Ici, il n'y a pas d'autres options que la fascination pour la différence.
armando · 2014-11-06: 10:05
armapas Très belle interprétation dans la 1ere photo. j'adore l'ambiance créée. les craquelures dans le mur, les rides du vieux monsieur, le ton! très réussie :)
armapas · 2014-11-06: 23:24
Michka43 c'est beau, émouvant et cocasse, bravo !!
Michka43 · 2014-11-07: 06:01
DancingDolphin Both are just perfect!
DancingDolphin · 2014-11-07: 11:28
NellyBly I really like the last one..great b/w capture.
NellyBly · 2014-11-07: 19:41
djnana You are a master of b/w! These are both so excellent in what is seen in their faces (#1) and what is not seen (#2). Wonderful work, Josy!
djnana · 2014-11-10: 08:43
maudlaurens Les deux sont magnifiques !! bravo Josy !
maudlaurens · 2014-11-10: 17:37
stormfish raises questions about existence in me; on several different layers.

on the surface, the first thing comes to mind; can we humans actually exist without showing our affiliation with any of our (religious or cultural) beliefs? would it be a better world if we wouldn't show to all the world what crap we have sworn ourselves to make sense of the meaningless lives we live?

then, a bit deeper und this, it raises the somewhat more difficult question of the relation we have to each other. your juxtaposition of two men versus two women gets me here; are we meant to keep sexes apart, except for those most vile attacks on each other necessary to propagate? would the world be better if men only mingle with men and women only mix with women? more peace? more unity?

and then, very deep down, it triggers an endless sadness in me; that I actually ask all these unanswerable, futile to be discussed questions, instead of taking life, as you do, as it is - a stream of consciousness, a constant trigger for sensitive visions and picturesque scenes; nothing more or less but the material of each and every ones of our own dreams. it makes me sad, not happy: because as much as I enjoy sharing, as little I believe we really actually can.
stormfish · 2014-11-11: 03:49
rmjannette these both tell such a narrative. they feel so timeless also. well done.
rmjannette · 2014-11-13: 10:46
camilleauteuil tiens, apparemment, les "abonnements" ne fonctionnent plus sur P.B : donc, je n'avais pas vu ! - voici donc des sédentaires, des voyageuses, plus ou moins âgés, saisis dans un instant qui pour le moment est éternel - des civilisations différentes - et la même vie par la grâce de la photo, donc de l'art et du regard de l'autre ... très intéressant, le fugitif, et la juxtaposition !
camilleauteuil · 2014-11-17: 10:17
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