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Minneota Barn.........

This shot is from yesterday, had to work tonight.
I tried to get my work published with 'Artists to Watch' and this is the email I had waiting tonight.

On Sep 23, 2008, at 2:13 PM, Eric Joyce wrote:

Please review my work for possible inclusion in your award winning card line.

Eric Joyce- Backroads Photography

Re: My website‏
From: Art Director (
Sent: Tue 10/07/08 1:09 PM
To: Eric Joyce (

Dear Eric,

Thank you for sending us your photographs for review. They are wonderful! We enjoyed the variety of concepts behind your images. The themes you chose were intriguing and your passion for your artwork shines through.

Although it is wonderful, I am sorry that we cannot include them in our line up of greeting cards at this time. We already have a wonderful nature photographer, jim Brandenburg, who we love working with. But please do not take this as any reflection of the quality and potential of your work and your talent. Your work is great! We receive nearly 1,000 submissions every year and can work with only a very few artists.

Keep us updated on what you are doing. Please continue to pursue your passion with your artwork – it makes the world a better, more colorful place to live!

Best wishes,

Art Director

( It was worth a try )
TheCrazyCroat First this photos is beautiful.

Also it was worth a try and this letter screams about how talented you are. Keep forging ahead. It's going to happen because you ARE a great photographer.
TheCrazyCroat · 2008-10-07: 23:48
noptek Nice composition and colors
noptek · 2008-10-08: 00:47
andrewboey amazing shots!! nicely taken!!
andrewboey · 2008-10-08: 03:27
jet28 They don't know what they're missing!
jet28 · 2008-10-08: 03:44
storytaylor fantastic
storytaylor · 2008-10-08: 04:17
jennye beautiful photo!!...don't give up!
...and you have a great website!
jennye · 2008-10-08: 07:47
nadoune Really very nice this shot !!!:-)))
nadoune · 2008-10-08: 08:01
????? A very wise woman once told me that the average times you will be rejected before you have a hit is 8- (and of course that is higher in the music industry)
I am in the same position as you, and I know it is very frustrating, but hang in there, you know your work is fabulous!!!~ R
????? · 2008-10-08: 10:12
somogyvari Beautiful shot!
somogyvari · 2008-10-08: 10:32
NINJIN2 Your photo's are wonderful works of art.They all tell a story.
So for that reason I cannot choose a favourite. I feel like I could step into them and take a stroll thru the country side. Thank you!!!!
NINJIN2 · 2008-10-08: 12:24
oakley Great shot!
oakley · 2008-10-08: 13:27
vterezia fabulous work!!
vterezia · 2008-10-08: 14:43
????? Wonderful shot
????? · 2008-10-08: 16:47
shady87 real farm
shady87 · 2008-10-08: 16:52
curlyq60 ..super great photo...
curlyq60 · 2008-10-08: 20:52
sendao fantastic place...
sendao · 2008-10-08: 22:11
ScubaLiz Definitely worth a try, and your work IS great! Love your website, very well done. And of course, this is a great photo! Keep trying!
ScubaLiz · 2008-10-09: 08:39
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