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~Normal vs HDR?~

Took a few pictures on my way to work this afternoon and this barn near Ghent is a new one for me. I travel alot of backroads around this area and how I've missed this one is beyond me.
Just for fun which picture do you like best, Normal or HDR.
oakley Nice shot!!

I would say the top one is HDR.
oakley · 2009-02-11: 02:06
asiamack your HDR is very nicely done.
good choice of subject too
asiamack · 2009-02-11: 02:28
jet28 That's a difficult question - I think I prefer the first one. Then again the second one is great :-)
jet28 · 2009-02-11: 03:26
bogdanfilip I definitely like the first one! It looks natural! The snow is white instead of gray :P Anyways keep up the good work!
bogdanfilip · 2009-02-11: 05:55
jennye beautiful shot!!
I prefer the first one!
jennye · 2009-02-11: 06:35
JumiElla Both are beautiful! But second is such mysterious.
JumiElla · 2009-02-11: 07:15
Brekeka normal
Brekeka · 2009-02-11: 11:34
????? you know me and editing- I think HDR makes everything look fake, like a painting. So I like the first one- great shot!!~ R
????? · 2009-02-11: 11:52
PennyWyatt Both are very good, I would prefer the first, but the second gives it that mysterious look, so guess it would be however you wake up in the morning. :-)
PennyWyatt · 2009-02-11: 12:48
onlymehdi great shot
onlymehdi · 2009-02-11: 12:53
betsymurphy I like them both for different reasons!
betsymurphy · 2009-02-11: 14:30
seabreeze I like the first one.....a fantastic shot. :)
seabreeze · 2009-02-11: 15:20
peregol Great work!!
peregol · 2009-02-11: 15:34
????? Sorry Eric - I've got a problem with hdr - too surreal. My preference would be #1 with highlights brought down a bit.
????? · 2009-02-11: 17:22
snapshotjoe I do like barn photos. Personally, I like the normal photo the best. I believe the HDR is surreal look which as someone else said adds mystery. Thanks for being open to the comments! :)
snapshotjoe · 2009-02-11: 18:23
photopoet I like the natural looking first photo. Nice composition.
photopoet · 2009-02-11: 18:55
tomie normal!
tomie · 2009-02-11: 19:03
DancingDolphin HDR is a tough sell for me... have almost never seen one that I like. They never look "real" which is what I think of as photography. In this case, I agree with Kangshung, that the HDR too surreal.... and snow isn't grey. Gee, guess the short answer is "normal"! :)
DancingDolphin · 2009-02-11: 20:11
etodd80 I kind of like the first one better. Have you tried to dial back the strength a bit in tone mapping? It depends on the shot, but sometimes just a hint of the HDR-look is better than a lot of it.
etodd80 · 2009-02-11: 20:43
somogyvari Not "normal" or "HDR" question..Only:What do I want? Why do I wish? How the most effective one to express?
Two nice shot are here.
somogyvari · 2009-02-12: 15:02
youlookmahvelous Nice, I like the HDR it has a great tone.
youlookmahvelous · 2009-02-14: 13:13
BlueLady I like both but of course the HDR has greater depth!
BlueLady · 2009-02-15: 13:46
Sonic7 I like the hdr shot. Which software did you use ?
Sonic7 · 2009-03-02: 16:56
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