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And the winners are...

The winning image by mcmommy
Four runners up: eternity65
Congratulations to McMommy for her winning submission and to the four runners up:

and Longimanus

It was really close with less than a three-point difference in the top five and the only a 10-point difference for the top ten scorers.

Marjorie has kindly agreed to lend her winning image for the avatar picture here and will be receiving her print in the post next week.

Congratulations and thanks to you all for taking part. I'm sorry I haven't had time to contact you all.

OnlyRicky and I were two of the adjudicators. The others haven't told me whether they wish to be known, so I'll keep them anonymous for now.

Below are some comments kindly written by one of the adjudicators (in the same order as the list):
A nice composition, nicely shot.
Not technically fantastic, but does express joy
Good use of tinting to enhance the effect of the shot
I have a problem with this one. It is probably one of the best shots of the Challenge, but I'm not, absolutely, convinced it meets the criteria.
Terrific shot.
A great capture, but the composition could be improved.
Well composed and captured.
A good portrait.
Very good composition and use of B&W.
Made me laugh out loud!
Technically very good, good use of colour.
A fantastic shot, technically very good, with an interesting composition.
A very amusing shot, made me a smile.
Beautifully composed and very well captured.
A very well taken shot, technically, but for me the composition doesn't work at all.
Nice use of mono.
Ticks all the boxes, but I can't really say I like it.
Excellent shot, well composed and ideal for the theme.
Beautifully done.
A good competent shot.
Very similar to the one above.
Lovely, fabulous colours.
Another nice use of mono.
Brilliant capture.
A great capture, taken on the fly, but as composition a bit of a mess.

The list of submissions can be viewed in the previous post.

Ideas about this initiative can be viewed here.

Again, thank you all for taking part.

Who wants to help organise / take part in another challenge some time soon?
onlyricky Congratulations to the winner, and to all that were selected as ''finalists''!

Well, I think I can help to organize and help in somethings for another challenge.

onlyricky · 2010-09-07: 13:01
lifeisgood Great joy shots. Congrats to the winners and to the judges---thanks for organizing this fun challenge!
lifeisgood · 2010-09-07: 13:26
jennye These are all fantastic! Congratulations to Marjorie and the runners up.
Thanks to the judges, and a BIG thank you to you Stéfan for organizing this!!
Count me in for the next challenge.
jennye · 2010-09-07: 13:44
Ryana Congratulations to all five!! ;)
Ryana · 2010-09-07: 13:45
pcmcgarry congrats to the winner, a great shot. Thanks to revanant for coming up with such a good idea and for the cost of the prize and count me in for the next challenge
pcmcgarry · 2010-09-07: 13:47
yellodog Congrats to all!
yellodog · 2010-09-07: 14:05
lookagain Congrats to the winners! All lovely and joyful images...
lookagain · 2010-09-07: 14:54
????? Congratulations to all that took part.
????? · 2010-09-07: 15:24
tomie congratulations to all the winners and participants!
my fav is 3! i don't know why :)
tomie · 2010-09-07: 15:38
DancingDolphin LOT'S of joy going around in these shots! Well done everyone and congratulations!! Thanks to Stefan, Ricky and the others who helped make this happen, it was a great idea!
DancingDolphin · 2010-09-07: 16:36
????? Thanks to Stéfan for arranging this. It was fun to take part in and made me more aware of joy theme in pictures long after I'd submitted my contribution.

Congratulation to the winners! :)
????? · 2010-09-07: 16:37
????? Thanks Stefan for organising this, and to the judges for their time too!! i'm glad to see Marjorie her shot as the winner, it sure was my favourite of all the entries also, fantastic shot!! Congrats also to all other participants!!!
Whohoo second place, i'm honoured, thanks again :-))
yep, i sure won't mind entering again if there's a next challenge :-)
????? · 2010-09-07: 17:20
paulamarquis Was lots of fun to participate. Thank you. All 5 above are full of joy -- hard to pick! #1 is a wonderful photo :)
paulamarquis · 2010-09-07: 17:49
????? Thanks to Stefan for creating and organizing this fun challenge! I enjoyed participating, and am honored to be chosen a finalist. Thanks also to Ricky and the other adjudicators, and congratulations to Marjorie on first place for her JOYous contribution!
????? · 2010-09-07: 23:34
dealdog Congratulations to mcmommy, a well deserved winner..
dealdog · 2010-09-08: 03:37
Eiram Fantastic pictures, I love them all !
Congratulations nad thanks Stefan for organizing this!
Too bad I did not succeed to take a joy photo , joy is so hard to capture, so my admiration to all participants!!
Eiram · 2010-09-08: 04:53
longimanus oh yes, thanks everyone involved for all :) eiram`s words remind me of dancingdolphin`s comment in my guestbook:
"I know what you mean about the Joy Challenge! I thought it was terribly hard... Perhaps that was the real value in the challenge... looking for joy? :-) "
I`m a louzy organizer but will definitely join the next if i can as participant:)
longimanus · 2010-09-08: 08:26
Lynda What a fantsastic set of winners. Well done to all and so nice of you Stefan to organise and pay for the prize.
Lynda · 2010-09-08: 12:08
????? Gorgeous shots! B r a v o
Congratulation to the winners!
????? · 2010-09-08: 12:20
gonia they are excellent all! and the others which I've seen on others post.I like them all!it was joy challenge to see all! thanks.
gonia · 2010-09-08: 13:05
Paradoxigal Fantastic shots!! Congrats to the winners! :)
Paradoxigal · 2010-09-08: 14:43
LAZYWASP Well done to all involved with such a great undertaking....brilliant winning photograph...a worthy winner!!!
LAZYWASP · 2010-09-08: 17:16
MoMac Congrats to all concerned.
MoMac · 2010-09-08: 17:34
catherineh Congrats to all, a joyous set
catherineh · 2010-09-09: 14:26
Contesina Great post!
Contesina · 2010-09-10: 03:10
Riyaz wooohoooo Excellent work! Congrats!
Riyaz · 2010-09-10: 05:09
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