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Scavenger Saturday #5 Feb 19 ~ 50 of 365

With all the snow melting and the rain we received today the rivers are about the Frothiest thing around here.
Everywhere we looked there were signs IMPEDING our travel...
I know these are from earlier this year and break the rules, but I did not find anything more CRUMPLED than the lives affected by the tornado we experienced....
We passed lots and lots and lots and lots of old cars and yard ornaments that used to work now they are at their IDLEST
Everywhere we looked things were PINNED together with bolts, nails, screws, etc....
Today I realized it was Saturday and told my hubby that we needed to go on my Scavenger Hunt while going to pick up our son from work, we travelled about 300 miles. We had a blast spending the day together while all three of us looked for the photos to describe the words.....What a BLAST!! :)

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joycephotography Great post.
joycephotography · 2011-02-19: 22:51
djnana A very clever post, Karman - love those collages! You're becoming a master at this PB-thing!!
djnana · 2011-02-19: 23:12
ilikethat very nice hunt
ilikethat · 2011-02-19: 23:23
JustGarden Very interesting post.
JustGarden · 2011-02-20: 02:04
GKorts Like that collage approach makes it even more colorful and interesting
GKorts · 2011-02-20: 04:44
Andarta Excellent photos and I like how you used the collages! I think it is neat that you and your husband do this together :-)
Andarta · 2011-02-20: 08:51
ArtBee I just love how you have used collages to portray each subject Karman! What a wonderful family nice to have them join you on the hunt! ..#1 is lovely with all that frothy water....#2 there seems to be so many "DON'T"signs around everywhere...#3 you are so right about the crumpled lives of people "AFTER" the devatation we must never forget to give to the organizations that help those re-building their homes and lives, when it's not possible to help directly......#4 the metal scavengers where I live would love to pick up these for recycling.....#5 is so clever.... Excellent Hunter! Well Done!
ArtBee · 2011-02-20: 09:37
cariad What a fabulous idea Karman...your collage have a really powerful impact
cariad · 2011-02-20: 12:23
Arie Nice collage.
Arie · 2011-02-20: 12:34
krasotulichka Great collages!
krasotulichka · 2011-02-20: 13:27
Francesc21 Interesting work!!! I like it!!
Francesc21 · 2011-02-20: 14:41
jet28 Very creative approach to the scavenger hunt!
jet28 · 2011-02-20: 17:05
bruno2goodpics Nice job and good idea.
bruno2goodpics · 2011-02-20: 19:07
photodeclair it s a beautiful set !!!!!!!!!!!
photodeclair · 2011-02-20: 19:41
anggrekfoto a series of photos are nice and clean
anggrekfoto · 2011-02-20: 20:55
????? great!
????? · 2011-02-20: 23:43
wildduck Great set!
wildduck · 2011-02-21: 13:31
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